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Seton Hall University

Students Unwind and Relax with Therapeutic Horses  

Ravi and Noble, two therapeutic ponies, visited the University Center on Wednesday, April 25 to help students manage the stress from the impending exam season. Students from across campus trekked through the rain to meet and interact with the ponies while their stress melted away.

After a successful event last Spring, Health Services, Campus Ministry, Athletics' Recreational Services Department and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) teamed up again to bring Ravi and Noble back to Seton Hall. This year, students took plenty of photos of themselves petting the soft manes of the two ponies for their Snapchats and Instagrams. While visiting the ponies, students were offered advice on how to handle the exam season and given therapeutic coloring templates by Health Services.

Health Services hopes to continually offer events and resources that help students manage stress throughout the semester. Health Services currently offers guidance on challenges that students encounter such as getting adequate sleep, eating healthy and getting proper exercise.

The ponies are part of an equine therapy program administered by Hope's Promise of Chester, NJ. Maureen Coultas, director of the program, along with her volunteer Meghan Keenan, travel with Ravi and Noble to schools, nursing homes, camps and hospitals to comfort stressed, sick, or special needs individuals.

Sean King with Pony 320 pic

Sean King pets the young horse

"The ponies certainly are a good way of getting your mind off that upcoming exam," said Sean King, a sophomore majoring in computer science. "After hours of studying, it was calming to meet the horses and think about something other than school."

pony photo 320 pic

Samantha Shaw poses with Noble

"The ponies were the perfect way to brighten up a rainy day. You don't normally come across miniature horses on campus so I was happy to meet them and take advantage of the photo opportunity," said Samantha Shaw, a freshmen majoring in social and behavioral sciences.

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