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Showcasing Pushkin’s Masterpiece, Eugene Onegin, thorough the Western Eyes  

Western EyesSlavic Club will be showcasing Pushkin's masterpiece, Eugene Onegin, thorough the Western eyes. A British film adaptation of this immortal novel-in-verse, Onegin, directed by Martha Fiennes, will be viewed after a short presentation of Pushkin's lyrics. They have been selected from this novel by Prof. Shiloff's Russian Literature students, who will be reciting them in Russian, and provide English translation for our audience members who do not know Russian.

Onegin's central plot involves the title character, who is a strange combination of sensitivity, intelligence, and perversity, symbolizing a "superfluous male hero" in the Russian literature of the 19th century. Onegin recognizes the unusually high human values of the central female figure, Tatiana Larina, but rejects the love she offers when she is a young woman living in the countryside. Later, when he sees her as a Grande Dame in St. Petersburg, it is his turn to experience rejection. This masterpiece also deals with dueling and the death of the poet, - perhaps a foreboding of the author's own fate.

The presentation will be followed by a quiz (with answers) based on this film. The winners will receive great prizes!

This event is free and everyone is welcome to attend! Slavic food will be served! 

Categories: Arts and Culture

For more information, please contact:

  • Anna Kuchta
  • (973) 376-3588
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