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Seton Hall Giving Day 2020: New Year, New Growth  

Coins stacked with plants sprouting on top.Seton Hall is gearing up for its third annual Giving Day, the University's biggest day of giving during the year. From April 21–22, the 36-hour day of giving looks to unite the entire Seton Hall community and make a great impact on the University and its dedication to continue to grow.

Last year, the University surpassed its bold goal of 1,856 donors — in honor of the founding year. This great achievement sparked a surge of nostalgia as the school looks to celebrate the future but also honor its past growth. This year's Giving Day will also focus on community. With ten established schools and colleges, there are many academic areas for students to thrive, but the areas that aren't seen often are the intimate communities that students develop within each school and college.

The smaller communities are a part of what makes Seton Hall unique, and allow students to grow both personally and professionally while helping to transform the everyday classroom or dorm room into a forever home.

So, what area of the University inspires you to give? Pirates can participate in the legacy of planting seeds for current and future students today, securing strong roots for growth that will support students with scholarships, campus expansions, as well as campus-wide programs. On this Giving Day, alumni, parents, faculty, students, and friends of the University are encouraged to contribute to Seton Hall's growth by helping to reach the goal of 2,020 donors.

Join the Department of Alumni Engagement and Philanthropy, Seton Hall Athletics, and Seton Hall Law in this collaborative effort and be a part of strengthening Seton Hall's future!

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For more information, please contact:

  • Hayley Trinkoff
  • (908) 378-9874
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