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Senior Kadeem Leslie Publishes Book Helping Students Thrive in High School and College  

Kadeem Leslie, The Full Student

Kadeem Leslie with his new book, The Full Student.

Top class Senior, Kadeem Leslie, has penned the 200-page work, The Full Student, to help students thrive in school and live a more FULL student life. Kadeem is a Peer Adviser in the Center for Academic Success, a member of the Black Men of Standard, a cello instructor, entrepreneur, and much more, all while excelling academically in his double major of Economics and Music.

He believes that straight As are achievable without compromising on the rest of a student's life outside of the classroom and he shows a path in his book.

The Full Student has been written for the student who believes that college is not the goal, but a means to an end for which this book can help you achieve. For the student who seeks to realize their academic goals while having more time on their hands, this book is for you. You'll find exactly how Kadeem has managed to stay busy through his entire college career while achieving a dream GPA.

Kadeem Leslie, The Full Student

The Full Student book cover.

When asked what motivated him to write this book he said, 

"What students achieve and continue to achieve during this time will always be a testament to why I invest so much time in high school and college students – their future is worth the investment and I put my money on young people every time."

The book is set for release on March 18th to honor his mother whom passed in 2010 due to cancer. It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

Kadeem will also be conducting a college success workshop in conjunction with the ARC on March 2nd.

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