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Secondary Education Students Use Technology to Cross Borders  

Ukraine Class Group Photo IIOn Tuesday, October 21, secondary education social studies majors met via Skype with students at the Amanda Elzy High School in Greenwood, Mississippi. The rural high school has been communicating with secondary education students from Seton Hall for two years. This year students from both schools finally introduced themselves through an exchange of video clips. Teachers Cassandria Hansbrough and CEHS alumnus Sean Riordan ཈ identified topics of interest for the Seton Hall students to address. This included sharing information about going to college and describing what college life is about. All of the Mississippi students are planning to attend college and the teachers there wanted them to speak with college students to get personal perspectives. The discussion included conversations about how life differed in these two very different settings. 

Also, on Tuesday, October 28, secondary education social studies majors talked via Skype with teacher education candidates at Borys Grinchecnko Kyiv University in Ukraine. Secondary education students have been working with this university for over seven years. Despite concern about whether the war with Russia would prevent collaborative work, students from both universities have been holding talks on discussion boards on the Center for Global Education website. The Ukrainian students have been posting videos over the past year, depicting the struggles in Ukraine. They have shared personal stories of how the war has impacted them and their concerns for the future. Their university is closing for several months (primarily because of Ukrainian reliance on Russia for fuel). During their video call, students from Seton Hall and Ukraine taught one another about leading historians from both countries. Using PowerPoint to enhance understanding, the formal discussion of historiography and the contributions of the four historians was interspersed with questions and personal exchanges of information. 


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