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Recent ELMP Graduate Wins Dissertation Award  

Dr. Danielle SammaroneDr. Danielle Sammarone, recent K-12 ELMP graduate, was recently announced as the winner of the 2015 Edgar L. Morphet Dissertation Award for her dissertation entitled "The Influence of the Length of the School Day on the Percentage of Proficient and Advanced Proficient Scores on the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge for Grades 6, 7, and 8."

Dr. Sammarone submitted the following abstract which was selected as the winner based on her efforts at improving the knowledge base of the education profession:

"The purpose for this correlational, cross-sectional, explanatory study was to determine the influence of the length of school day on student achievement for grades 6-8 in mathematics and English language arts as measured by results from the 2010-2011 New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK). Additionally, I aimed to explain the amount of variance in student test results accounted for by length of school day when controlling for other factors that influence achievement, such as student socio-economic status and varying lengths of school days. Results suggest that lengthening the school day has little to no influence on student achievement across the state. There was a small positive influence for student living in wealthy districts, whereas students living in the poorest communities in New Jersey realized little to no benefit. The results of this study provide policy makers and administrators with information and data that can be utilized to (a) create effective policy regarding the length of the school day, (b) save on state and district resources, and (c) alter the structure of schools to increase student achievement."

Dr. Sammarone will be recognized at the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration Conference in Washington, D.C in August.

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