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Seton Hall University

Rama Chakaki: “Investing in Refugee Education”  

Photo of Rama Chakaki

Rama Chakaki

Rama Chakaki, founder and CEO of edSeed, will speak at Seton Hall from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. on November 14 in A&S 109 about the work of this organization. edSeed is a crowdfunding platform that shares the stories of youth impacted by conflict to encourage donors to fund their education. Through this innovative approach, students create short videos that are shared on social media and the donated funds go directly to the universities that believe in the potential of these young scholars. edSeed's mission is to raise funds for 6,000 refugee youth and bring their stories to mainstream US media. Chakaki created edSeed because she saw the need to close the gap between displaced students with ambition and potential, but with no means to empower themselves other than drive and determination.

In addition to her talk, Chakaki will share a few of the videos made by young refugees that have already been posted. These and others can be found on the edSeed website.

Chakaki has been designated one of "40 Women to Watch for 2019" by the Tempest, a global women's organization. With 25 years of experience in the tech world, Rama chose social justice over personal gain when she left a prosperous career in the Gulf to open the door to Arab youth displaced and impacted by the crises in the Middle East. She holds a BS in Computer Engineering and a Masters in Engineering Management from George Washington University. She is also a founding member of Arab Women in Computing and the first regional Women Angel Investment Network.

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