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Provide Food for the Hungry Through DOVE's Food Drive  

Picture of DOVE food driveThe Division of Volunteer Effort (DOVE)'s 2017 food drive has begun, and it is in full force. Every year Seton Hall's residence halls and academic buildings are lined with the infamous "DOVE Food Drive" soup can labeled bins, which collect over 750 pounds of non-perishable items within three short weeks. The food drive is concurrent with DOVE's "Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week," which aims to bring awareness of the poverty issues surrounding the Seton Hall community, as well as to bring relief to some of these areas by recruiting student volunteers to go out into the community and bring supplies to the homeless.

During the Thanksgiving season, students are encouraged to donate food items to the bins to further help support the homeless and hungry in the community surrounding Seton Hall. The supplies obtained through the food drive benefit two locations that help serve the poor: St. John's Soup Kitchen in Newark, NJ, and Our Lady of Sorrows Food Pantry in South Orange, NJ. St. John's Soup Kitchen feeds hundreds of members of the Newark community breakfast and dinner each day. It is an organization that Seton Hall and DOVE are closely linked with, and students volunteer there weekly. Since it's opening, St. Johns has served over 6,000,000 meals to the homeless and poor. Our Lady of Sorrows Food Pantry is also closely connected with Seton Hall. They are an organization that works under the mission to help put the Lord's Good News into action. Their mission is achieved through the packaging of food bags that are given to impoverished families every week. Both St. Johns and Our Lady of Sorrows are highly dependent upon donations to continue providing relief to the community around Seton Hall, and the DOVE food drive helps make this possible.

The food drive is being held until December 19. Any donation of non-perishable goods may be brought directly to the DOVE office, located in Campus Ministry in the Boland Hall basement.

The DOVE food drive is just one of many ways you can give back to the community and fulfill the University's mission of servant leadership through the 12 Acts of Christmas Kindness initiative. The campaign encourages those in the Seton Hall community to perform 12 acts of kindness throughout the holiday season.

For more information about the drive, please contact DOVE at (973) 761-9702.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Michelle Peterson
  • (973) 761-9702
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