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Once, Twice, Three Times a Pirate  

The Dubovy Triplets

Stephen, Leah and Noah Dubovy

This fall, three students in the same family are all attending Seton Hall, focusing on three different fields of study. What's more, they are triplets. Plus, their dad and aunt are both Seton Hall alumni. Welcome to the Dubovys, the first legacy triplets at the University.

Noah is the "eldest" triplet, followed by Leah and then lastly Stephen (the older two love reminding Stephen that he's the "youngest"). Originally from Rockaway, N.J., the family recently moved to Indian Trail, N.C., near Charlotte, after their father Dean, Class of 1985, transferred within his company.

The siblings admit that their father was a big influence even as he maintained that he wanted them to make their own choices. "This is where they felt most comfortable," Dean said. In the early '80s, he and his older sister Elsa also attended Seton Hall at the same time, both as accounting majors. "I graduated from Stillman," he said proudly.

During the college search with his children, Dean was very impressed by the students who led the campus tours at Seton Hall, saying they knew their stuff much better than student tour leaders at other colleges.

Noah fell in love with Seton Hall before he even visited. Not only is he a longtime fan of the men's basketball team but their older brother, who attended Seton Hall for a year before transferring to UNC to be closer to his family, would tell stories about the University. Even after the family moved to Charlotte, Seton Hall remained Noah's number one choice. He is already a passionate Pirate. "You'll see us at the basketball games — front row," he promised.

The Dubovy Family

The Dubovy Family

For Stephen, visiting campus sealed the deal for him. "We took two, three, maybe even four tours, and went to multiple open houses. I just fell in love with it. My brother's friends still go here and they told us stories and shared their positive experiences." Their mom Andrea joked that she plans to keep in close touch with these friends.

Leah did her research, focusing on small colleges like Seton Hall, since she knew she'd feel more comfortable in that setting. In the end, Leah discovered Seton Hall offered a better elementary and special education program compared to other colleges she visited. "I felt I would learn more and get more hands-on experience here," she said. Her father and mother Andrea encouraged her to choose a major that would lead to a career she was passionate about.

Noah is majoring in accounting and credits a positive high school experience for this decision. "I took accounting my sophomore year," he said. "It was the best teacher I ever had. I knew I wanted to be a CPA." He wants to be involved with basketball intramurals and join the accounting honor society, Beta Alpha Psi.

Stephen is studying sports management because of his love of sports but is open to future possibilities. "I want to see where it takes me," he said. He is also interested in participating in basketball intramurals, but both he and Leah are excited about discovering other on-campus clubs at the Student Involvement Fair on August 30.

While they are nine hours from home, they all reside just a minute or two away from each other in Boland Hall. And how are they with the idea of not rooming together? Stephen was quick to assure, "I'm totally ok with it." Both Leah and Noah already knew their roommates as friends from high school in New Jersey, while Stephen met his roommate at Pirate Adventure. "We hit it off and were instant friends."

While the Dubovy triplets will each have varying experiences here at Seton Hall, we all know they will be found side by side at Pirate basketball games.

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