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In The Media

Seton Hall faculty are regularly featured in national and international media outlets for their academic expertise and ground-breaking research in a wide variety of subjects, including business, diplomacy and international relations, theology, education, science, arts and humanities, communication, law, healthcare, government and politics.

Below is a sampling of recent media coverage.

Slowly but Surely, Schools for Health Professions Teach About Climate Change

In the Fall 2021 Issue of Health Progress, the official journal of the Catholic Health Association of the United States, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing Ann Marie Sailsman, D.N.P., M.P.H., speaks on how schools are responding to the call to teach future healthcare professionals about the consequences of climate change.

Catholic Health Association of the United States | October 13, 2021

Seeds Planted in Afghanistan

Religion Professor Ines Murzaku, Director of Catholic Studies Program, explores Barnabite Father Giovanni Scalese planting seeds in Afghanistan and hope for the future.

The Catholic Thing | October 2, 2021

Best Quick Loans in 2021

Finance and banking expert Jennifer Itzkowitz discusses loan rates and financing options.

WalletHub | September 2, 2021

Ask the Experts

Finance expert Xiaoqing Eleanor Xu discusses the consequences of and solutions to the ongoing student debt crisis.

WalletHub | September 2, 2021

Episcopal Coherence

Msgr. Thomas G. Guarino, professor emeritus of systematic theology, discusses the Dallas Charter and achieving principled consistency—according to the canons of natural justice and Catholic doctrine—concerning the priesthood.

First Things | September 1, 2021

The Diplomats Without a Country

United Nations expert Courtney Smith discusses Kyaw Moe Tun and UN representative postings in limbo with Myanmar's coup.

The Atlantic | August 5, 2021