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MBA Grad Has Good Advice for Students  

Christine PerezChristine Perez completed her MBA earlier this year and currently works in the Card Services division for Fiserv as a Certifications Online Technical Coordinator. She is managing projects with risks and complexity that relate to critical business goals.

Through her MBA program, Christine has made a successful career transition. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she worked as an Account Specialist in the healthcare and mental health industries. While learning a great deal about professional relationships, Christine realized she wanted to pursue a different direction, which meant additional education. She believes that these early career experiences “helped me determine what I did NOT want. I am grateful for this because knowing what I don’t want has played a significant role in helping me establish what I do want.”

While still a student, Christine obtained a marketing internship at De’Longhi, where she worked directly with a category director gathering and analyzing statistical data on competitive brands/products in preparation for the development stages of new product lines. She also worked on several ad hoc marketing projects and research.

“A crucial requirement for my position was to be self-sufficient. . . I learned that sometimes when thrown into unexpected real world scenarios, the confidence you have in a controlled classroom environment dissipates quickly.” The best advice she received was “if I don’t feel smart enough to do this, then get smart enough. That means prepare yourself for who you want to be and what you want to accomplish in every way you possibly can.”

Christine’s advice for students:

  • Allow yourself to be open to opportunities; oftentimes, the skills you develop are transferrable and useful in your chosen field. 
  • Be patient and flexible. Rarely are leaders a success overnight. 
  • Network with everyone you can. 
  • Take the initiative to show what differentiates you from the person next to you.

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