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Law Students’ Research on Racial Profiling Featured  

map of racial profilingA team of law students from Seton Hall Law’s Center for Policy & Research published a report which analyzed both in-person court appearances and a database of 9,715 tickets in the Township of Bloomfield, New Jersey and found “a persistent and disproportionate representation of African Americans and Latinos in the courtroom as compared to their representation in either Bloomfield itself or in the State of New Jersey.”

“We made two important discoveries,” said Professor Mark P. Denbeaux, Director of the Seton Hall Law School Center for Policy & Research. “The Bloomfield Police run an extremely effective border patrol that targets people of color, and they employ discriminatory traffic stops and ticketing to produce a lucrative revenue stream for the Township.”

The report, “Racial Profiling: Bloomfield Police and Bloomfield Municipal Court,” was featured in a VICE News short documentary, as the front page lead story in The Star Ledger, as a feature on WNYC/NPR’s “All Things Considered,” NBC TV NY, NJTV, NJ Spotlight,, Telemundo, Business Insider and a host of other media outlets. has published three stories that feature the report.

map of racial profiling “Our study revealed what essentially amounts to ‘a wall’ of police action erected against the Newark and East Orange border areas and their predominantly African American and Latino residents,” noted report co-author and Seton Hall Law student Jason Castle. “As an African American I wasn’t shocked, but I was disheartened to see the numbers in black and white; as a law student, I was dismayed to see the law being used as a weapon against the people; and as a Councilman from nearby Teaneck, NJ, I was appalled when I researched and compiled the budget, ticket revenue and salary projections for the Township of Bloomfield. Those numbers told a story that I wished I’d never heard.”

Read the press release here »

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NBC TV New York (National Newsfeed) “NJ Town Racially Profiles Drivers, Enforces 'Border Patrol': Study.”

The Star Ledger, (Front page lead story) “The Wheels of Injustice: A Seton Hall Study Finds Racial Profiling in Ticketing by Bloomfield Police Officers.” Online version: 

The Star Ledger, “Racial profiling debate: 3 questions on policing in N.J.” 

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NJ Spotlight, “Is Racial Profiling Police Policy in Bloomfield -- and Other Communities?” 

Business Insider, “Researchers say cops are targeting minority drivers in this mostly white New Jersey town.”

Telemundo, “La policía presuntamente impone multas de tránsito por perfil racial en NJ.” 

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