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Kathleen Rathgeber Named One of the Top 15!  

Kathleen RathgeberKathleen Rathgeber, a May 2011 graduate of the Elementary Education major was recognized as one of 15 New Jersey’s Distinguished Student Teachers Award winners for 2011. “This is an extraordinary honor, said Rathgeber.” “I could not have achieved this or any of my other achievements without the knowledge and support of all the wonderful professors I had at Seton Hall, particularly those in the College of Education and Human Services.”

Rathgeber, a native of Clifton, New Jersey, is described by College of Education professor Mary Mueller as, “the type of teacher any parent or principal would hope for. She has a firm grasp of classroom management and at the same time truly enjoys children, learning, and teaching. Her love of children is communicated through her actions, voice, and body language.” Another COE faculty member Alisa Hindin, who has known Rathgeber since the fall of 2008 when she was a student in her Early Literacy class said, “Kathleen exceeded expectations on all of the assignments in this course earning the highest grade in the class.”

Kathleen Rathgeber is a fine example of the type of teacher that the College of Education and Human Services strives to produce. She is a shining example of a student who is competent, socially conscious and reflective.


For more information, please contact:

  • Joseph Martinelli
  • (973) 275-2733
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