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Internship Turns into Job Offer for 2017 Grad  

Anne Szmul

Anne Szmul is a senior at Seton Hall, majoring in Accounting and Religion. During her sophomore year, she was hired as the first employee at a local café. She says that being a part of the shop's growth over its first two years was an important experience, contributing to both her personal development and real-world business education.

Anne first obtained employment with Home Depot during the summer. She started as a cashier and learned how to interact with customers and her fellow employees. "I approached the job with an enthusiasm that I had learned throughout my life, and I came to love the company."

Early on, Anne applied for an internship at the Home Depot corporate headquarters in Atlanta, GA, but was not getting a response. While on the job, she met a Regional Vice President, who was visiting the store. She decided to reach out for assistance, carefully planning her strategy. Ultimately, the VP made a call on her behalf, recommending her for an interview. "Working my way through the process was long, but well worth it, and I have learned so much as a result." Anne's most important takeaway from the experience was the importance of networking. On the job, Anne worked independently on corporate level projects, and believes that self-reliance is a critical part of success. She was recently offered a position as Staff Accountant, beginning after graduation!

Perhaps the most interesting thing on Anne's resume is nine years of breeding rabbits, a business that she started in the 6th grade! The experience of breeding, selling, maintaining inventory and budgets was invaluable as a child and taught responsibility as well as bookkeeping basics. Not surprisingly, often the first thing that interviewers ask her about is rabbit breeding.

Anne says that an important message to students is that internships can be influential. "I am now ready to begin my professional career. I can see clearly how my academics, jobs, internship, and activities are stepping stones to transitioning into a full time position." Anne's advice to students: "Talk to your Career Center advisor today!"

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