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Incoming Freshman Class Largest Ever  

A sign for the Class of 2021 during Pirate Adventure. More than 16,600 would-be Pirates completed applications for the Class of 2021, shattering last year’s record for highest number of undergraduate applicants by more than 1,000 students — or nearly 9%. The previous record for the number of applicants was broken just last year. Of the more than 16,000 who applied to Seton Hall this year, more than 1,460 are registered for classes. That makes for the largest undergraduate class in Seton Hall history. The Class of 2016 (which arrived on campus in 2012 and graduated in May) held the former record of 1,453 students.

Record-breaking itself has become a trend for Seton Hall. "We just graduated what was our largest class ever in the spring. Now we welcome our newest largest class in the fall. We’ve received the largest number of applications in Seton Hall history — two years in a row. With this last graduating class, we surpassed the 100,000 alumni mark—a true milestone. Truth is, the number of applicants and the quality of our students has been steadily trending upwards since 2012 and this class is further evidence that Seton Hall is rising," said Vice President for Enrollment Management Alyssa McCloud.

Priests on incoming freshman Move-in-Day with a cut-out of Pope Francis. While sustaining academic excellence in its incoming class, Seton Hall also has held its commitment to diversity in all forms: 26.5% of all incoming students are Pell eligible; 42.5% identify as students of color; and 35% of all students come from out of state.

Meet Some of Our Newest Pirates

Incoming freshmen, Alexa Vanderlinden and Kassidy Kelly on 2017 Move-In-Day. Alexa Vanderlinden from Old Tappan, N.J. is a finance major. She came to Seton Hall for a number of reasons, citing proximity to New York City, internship opportunities and a cousin who graduated from the finance program at the Stillman School of Business and now works for Goldman Sachs. Her cousin “insisted” she attend Seton Hall, but Alexa said, "What really sealed the deal was my trip to campus and the time I spent in Stillman’s Trading Room."

Kassidy Kelly is from Kingston, N.Y., and is an international business major with a minor in Marketing. She developed a love for travel while in high school and discovered that study at Seton Hall would give her ample opportunity to do so. She also noted that she liked the "small school feel" and the one on one experience with professors.

Suitemates Grace Ross and Natalie Sherman moving in. Suitemates Grace Ross from Kansas City, Mo., and Natalie Sherman from Greeley, Colo., are both majoring in diplomacy and international relations. Grace chose diplomacy as a major because "I want to help people and I’m hoping to secure a career in government or a non-profit organization." Natalie was inspired to pursue diplomacy from her father and his friends who have careers in the military and the State Department. Grace was motivated to attend Seton Hall for its "pretty campus, proximity to NYC and abundance of internship opportunities." Natalie decided to attend after receiving a generous scholarship offer. She will be the first student from her high school to attend Seton Hall.

Incoming freshman Samantha Dalli on Move-In-Day. Samantha Dalli is from Cranford, N.J. is majoring in physics and electrical engineering and plans to minor in theatre. She looks forward to the increased opportunities for lab work and research afforded incoming students at Seton Hall and is anxiously awaiting the start of the semester. Samantha also plans on auditioning for The Sapphires, a dance team that performs at volleyball and men's and women’s basketball games.

Incoming freshman, Chris Coppola, on Move-In-Day. Chris Coppola, from West Orange, N.J. is majoring in secondary education with a concentration in Spanish. His grandfather, Eddie, was a former athletic trainer here at Seton Hall for more than 30 years. His father, Ed, a business major, graduated in 1979, and his brother, Nick graduated in May. Despite his legacy ties, Chris chose to attend after being "blown away" by a presentation from the College of Education and Human Services faculty at Open House. Chris will also be serving as the University's first Coca-Cola Campus Ambassador to "educate people about what Coke is doing to empower 5 million women entrepreneurs around the world." He invites the campus community to learn more at a Coca-Cola Floats event on August 27. Proud to be one of 14 graduates coming here from Seton Hall Prep, his advice for classmates: "Don't be afraid to get involved and reach out to people for opportunities available to you."

Incoming freshmen, Gretchen Zink and Ailish Irwin, on Move-in-Day.Gretchen Zink is from Kentucky and is an accounting major in the Stillman School. Her mother is an accountant so her major in a sense is just learning to work "the family business." She said she received a number of postcards and mailings from Seton Hall and they caught her eye. Her trip to campus confirmed the beauty she saw in the promo pieces, and the research she did on Stillman's Accounting program –-and its much lauded success with job placement— sold her on the University.

Ailish Irwin is from Boston and is majoring in Communication. She likes the proximity to New York and its internship opportunities as well as the fact that it will only take her a few hours to go home whenever she wants. She said she is looking forward to her first internships, knowing that Seton Hall places a great emphasis upon them, allowing the classroom work to inform the practical work-centered experience. She said, "The classroom prepares you for work; and you can learn things by working you couldn’t learn anywhere else."

Incoming freshmen, Kayla Rivers and Vanessa Colmenares, on Move-in-Day. Vanessa Colmenares from Caracas, Venezuela, is in the University Honors Program, majoring in biochemistry. Vanessa expressed her interest in hemopathology, sharing, "One of my goals is to work with the U.N. to find cures for blood-borne illnesses." She offers these words of encouragement to her fellow freshmen: "Be happy. Make a lot of friends. Enjoy every moment."

Kayla Rivers from St. Thomas, is majoring in diplomacy and international relations. She hopes to concentrate her studies in public policy and languages, possibly working for the U.N. Kayla is also in the University Honors Program. She chose Seton Hall for its location, welcoming environment and the stellar reputation of the School of Diplomacy and International Relations. "The professors are not just teaching but practicing in the field and have a diverse array of backgrounds," she shared. Her advice to fellow freshmen: "Be open-minded, get out and meet people. The school has so much to offer."

Incoming freshmen, Alex LaRosa and Ryan Hunt, on Move-in-Day. Suitemates Ryan Hult from Hanover, Mass., majoring in elementary education and Alex LaRosa, from Doylestown, Pa., majoring in sports management both expressed their shared love of basketball and excitement about what Move-In Day signifies as the start of their University experience. Alex cites Seton Hall’s location as a big plus, halfway between his home and NYC, where he hopes to attain an internship with a sports team. Ryan shared that he choose to major in education after a community service project at his local middle school. "This is what I want to do. I love working with kids." He encourages new students "to not be afraid of taking advantage of new opportunities." His dad, Joe’s advice to parents of our new Pirate: "Enjoy the experience."

Incoming freshmen, Brielle Breheny and Macy Rauch, on Move-in-Day. Brielle Breheny is from Hopatcong, N.J., and is majoring in psychology. She comes to Seton Hall as part of a family tradition, with two uncles having graduated from the School in the early 1980s. She also noted the generous financial aid and scholarship package she was offered, but that she wasn't at all convinced that Seton Hall was for her—until she visited campus.

Macy Rauch is from Allentown Pa., and was admitted into the physical therapy program. In addition to her PT major, she is thinking about minoring in Dance, which intersects nicely with physical therapy, especially for geriatric patients. The PT program’s stellar employment rate and reputation brought her here to Seton Hall.

Incoming freshmen, Makena Meeks and Adanna Hylton, on Move-in-Day. Makena Meeks is from Santa Clarita, Calif., and is a criminal justice major who wants to minor in Political Science to better prepare her for law school. Ultimately she wants to become a criminal defense lawyer so plans on looking into the mock trial and debate teams here on campus. 

Adanna Hylton is from Montclair, N.J., and will major in visual arts. Her mother, Ghana Hylton, is Secretary to the Dean of Students here at Seton Hall. As an artist, Adanna concentrates on painting and drawing, and looks forward to honing her craft and expanding her horizons here at Seton Hall. She cites Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo and Laura Callaghan as a few of her favorite artists, and hopes to involve herself her here in the arts community.

Incoming freshman, Eva Rian on Move-in-Day. Eva Rian is from San Jose, Calif., and is a diplomacy major who ultimately plans to attend law school. She also plans on studying Arabic and credits her frequent trips abroad to India, where her parents were born, for kindling in her the interest in international affairs. She's interested in pursuing leadership roles on campus "in order to make a difference."

Incoming freshman, Victoria Ling playing her cello on Move-in-Day. Victoria Ling is from Princeton, N.J., and is majoring in psychology and may minor in music. A cellist, she plans on joining the University Orchestra. She chose Seton Hall because "It’s a good school, and a nice campus reasonably close to home."



Incoming freshman, Phoebe Hall and family. Phoebe Hall from Cheshire, Conn., is double majoring in modern languages along with diplomacy and international relations. Phoebe will be continuing her study of German while beginning her study of Arabic in the fall. Phoebe noted the unique diplomacy program as one of her reasons for choosing to attend Seton Hall, "The way the program couples diplomacy and international languages presents a different approach from other programs." Phoebe’s father Mark added, "The Seton Hall campus and programs really spoke to us, it felt like the right place to us." She will be first of her four siblings to attend college. Her mother Kate is "very excited about the opportunities she will have here."

Incoming freshman, Connor Hester, in front of a Seton Hall sign. Connor Hester is from Rochester, N.Y., and is a communication major. An athlete who played nearly all sports in high school, he's looking forward to the launch of the Sports Media program, headed by the former executive editor of Sports Illustrated, B.J. Schecter. Also, noting that he didn’t have to fly to get to campus, he looked around, smiled and said, "it’s a perfect fit here."

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