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Transfer Student

From left, Dean Doherty, Kalebe Calls Him, Joseph Sainato
(Photo Credit: Ashley Wilson)

During Orientation Weekend, 328 new transfer students were welcomed to Seton Hall. Students transferred from institutions including: Rutgers University, Quinnipiac University, Monmouth University, Mount St. Mary's University, Rowan University and many of New Jersey's community colleges.

"The main reason I chose Seton Hall was for the great opportunities that I would be offered here. For my major, Broadcasting, Seton Hall offers opportunities to participate in Pirate TV, The Setonian and WSOU, while also providing countless internship opportunities," said Joseph Sainato, Fall 2016 transfer student. When asked how he feels about his Seton Hall experience, so far, Joseph adds, "I have met a number of great people ranging from freshmen to seniors to other transfer students, all who have done a great job at making me feel very welcome."

During a Transfer Student BBQ new students were encouraged to participate in a t-shirt swap where they brought in a shirt from their previous school and received a new shirt inscribed with "Home at last…Seton Hall University." Director of the Transfer Center Hezal Patel described the swap as "a symbolic gesture, giving up the old and accepting the new." The swap will also benefit those in need since all exchanged t-shirts will be donated through the Division of Volunteer Efforts (DOVE) to St. John's Soup Kitchen in Newark.

Welcoming these students does not end at orientation weekend. The Transfer Center provides new students a space where they can acclimate and engage with Seton Hall in the most effective way possible.

"Whenever you go to a new place, it can be intimidating. I think it is important that new students are paid attention to, provided with excellent customer service and made to feel the Transfer Center is their home base," said Patel.  

Acting as a liaison between students and academics, the Transfer Center assists in the registration process and choosing an academic adviser based on a student's major. Peer advisers provide a concierge-like service, from obtaining an ID card and laptop to touring campus.

Social events and success workshops are offered each semester. Success workshops provide information on transcript review, the registration and advising process, degree requirements and financial literacy. A sample of social events this fall include a welcome breakfast, which took place on Sept. 15 and a pizza social to be held in November, allowing transfer students to discuss any issues they may have and become better acquainted with one another.

Franklin Beeg, who transferred in Fall 2015, credits the Transfer Center for the initiative to become an active participant in University life. Franklin is a member of the Student Government Association (SGA) and a part of the Transfer Student Task Force. Paying it forward, he is helping others acclimate to the University.

"I strongly believe the Transfer Student Center has contributed to my success at Seton Hall. A sense of acceptance has allowed me to join Student Government Association, obtain a job on campus with the Office of Student Activities, and realize that I can fit in with everyone else on this beautiful campus. Since I started working with the Transfer Student Center, I have seen how much love they have for the students by making sure everyone realizes that they are now home," said Franklin.

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Flickr 2016 Transfer Students BBQ

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