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Holiday Networking Tips from The Career Center  


Photo credit: Chandler Thompson, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Elon University

The holiday season is coming up fast and this could be a great opportunity to make some career connections with family and friends. Networking during the holidays is mingling and making small talk; it's a more informal experience than a network meeting in someone's office.

When relatives and neighbors ask you about what you want to do after graduation, give them the names of a few organizations you may be interested in and a general idea about the role you want to play. Then ask them the big question: "Do you know someone who works in these fields who might be willing to speak with me about what they do?" You may be surprised at who they know.

Here are some holiday networking tips from the pros at The Career Center:

  • Be ready to be surprised; you never know who you'll meet at a holiday gathering.
  • When you meet someone with whom you want to network, ask if you can follow up to schedule more time to talk when they're back in the office. Let them know that your immediate goal is to seek guidance and advice that will help as you set out on your job search. Get their contact information and go back to being social. 
  • Prepare questions in advance – remember to also ask for advice about what you could be doing while you're still a student. 
  • Update your resume and ask for feedback. 
  • Volunteer your talents when applicable. 
  • Be sure to follow up with a "thank you" note. 
  • Google yourself. As you enter the early stages of your career path, it's important to keep an appropriate, clean online presence!

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