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Heart of the University, Faculty Retreat Series 2016  

Father Holmes Father Paul Holmes reflects on Mercy and Forgiveness: A Spiritual Pilgrimage in the third of four retreats for faculty and administrators of all faiths.

The Heart of the University Retreat Series gives faculty and administrators of all faiths the opportunity for input and guided reflection. The series is co-sponsored by the Office of Mission and Ministry, and the Center for Vocation and Servant Leadership.

The third retreat, given by Father Paul Holmes on the theme of Mercy and Forgiveness: A Spiritual Pilgrimage will be held on Tuesday, February 2, 2016, from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. in the Chancellor’s Suite, Student Center.

Mercy is a journey — often characterized as moving from a place of pain and sorrow to a place of compassion and forgiveness. Many of us had the chance to watch and listen to those who spoke to the murderer of nine parishioners in a Charleston, South Carolina church: Within hours of their tragic loss, and to the amazement of many, family members forgave their loved ones’ killer. Most of us have been invited to make a much less dramatic, though perhaps just as arduous, pilgrimage from pain to forgiveness. What can we do to prepare our hearts for such a journey?

Father Paul Holmes, Distinguished University Professor of Servant Leadership, has taught moral and sacramental theology in the Department of Religion for 27 years. If you have any questions, contact Linda Garofalo or Francia Peterson at (973) 313-6042.

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