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#HallAbroad – Seton Hall's Travel Photo Contest is Back  

Seton Hall students studying abroad in NanjingDo you love taking pictures of fabulous places?

Does sharing your favorite travel photos with friends and family make you smile from ear to ear?

The beautiful beaches, stunning skyscrapers, awesome ancient ruins, and the fabulous food -- travel pictures extend the adventure well after you unpack your suitcase.

Seton Hall wants to see your photos, too. Just tag your pix with #hallabroad to be part of this year's Travel Photo Contest. You'll have a chance to win some excellent prizes. Plus, you'll be getting more eyes on your favorite photos.

The Travel Photo Contest is sponsored by The Office of International Programs – the folks behind study abroad at Seton Hall. Whether you're a fan of Instagram or totally obsessed with Twitter, add #hallabroad to your posts and we'll find them. Photos that get the most likes will get a shout out (and some nice gift cards) for being the Seton Hall Travel Photo Contest winners. (While you're at it, why not follow SHU on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. And tell your friends about us too. )

Seton Hall students studying abroad in SenegalSo, if you're off to some place fun for Spring Break, remember….#hallabroad.

If you're traveling on a mission trip or heading out of state for an exciting weekend you can #hallabroad, too.

And in the summer, we can stay connected wherever your sandy feet land simply by tagging us with…#hallabroad.

Interested in joining Seton Hall's amazing study abroad program? This summer Faculty Led Tours are heading to France, Italy, Japan and China. Just stop by the Office of International Programs in Room 9, lower level of President's Hall or visit OIP on the web. 

Happy travels and let's keep in touch…#Hallabroad everyone!

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