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ELMP Faculty Member Named Visiting Scholar in Italy  


Italy Abroad

Dr. Christopher Tienken, Assistant Professor in the Department of Education Leadership, Management and Policy, was named a Visiting Scholar at the Universita` degli Studi Roma Tre, in Rome, Italy for the 2009-2010 academic year as part of their masters degree program: Master Pedagogia per la Persona, L'Organizzazione, La Societa`. The University serves over 40,000 students and offers 54 undergraduate degree programs, 75 Masters degree programs, 16 doctorate schools, and 5 Ph.D. programs. Dr. Tienken lectures to groups of Masters Degree students at the university on the topics of Job-embedded Professional Development, the organization of the U.S. school system, and issues related to curriculum and instruction. He has conducted six lectures at the university since 2005.
He and his colleague at the Universita` degli Studi Roma Tre, Professor Sandra Chistolini, completed a five-year joint research project in 2008. The project explored the reasons why people chose to become teachers, the types of leadership support they prefer, and their preferences for professional development opportunities and structures. The project included teachers from the European Union and the United States. The results from Dr. Tienken's portion of the research project will be published in Italy and should be available by Fall 2009.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Christopher Tienken, Ed.D.
  • (973) 275-2874
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