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ELMP Faculty Member Featured in Interview  

Carolyn Sattin-BajajDr. Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj, Assistant Professor in the Department of Education, Leadership, Management and Policy, was recently featured on, with co-editor Rick Hess, for their book, Blueprint for School System Transformation: A Vision for Comprehensive Reform in Milwaukee and Beyond. Using Milwaukee, WI as a model, the book details ways in which to implement long-term reforms in school systems to keep up with a society that is constantly evolving. This plan incorporates eight “pillars” that provide the foundation of the transformation blueprint: new school delivery, quality control, a recovery school district, professional development, human capital management, resource use, data collection, and effective governance. The “pillars” are then explained in detail in full chapters contributed by experts in the field. Sattin-Bajaj and Hess offer a universal vision for reform that can be used by school leaders and policy-makers alike.

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Prior to her doctoral studies, Dr. Sattin-Bajaj worked on secondary school reform at the New York City Department of Education. Her research interests include the relationships among education policy, immigrant families, and equity by examining immigrant families’ experiences negotiating school systems across diverse national contexts, particularly questions of educational equity and access. Dr. Sattin-Bajaj teaches courses on education policy, program evaluation, research design, and research methods.


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  • Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj
  • (973) 275-2846
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