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ELMP Alumnus Publishes First Book  

The Rise of Millennial Parents: Parenting Yesterday and Today.ELMP alumnus, Dr. James Pedersen, published his first book entitled The Rise of Millennial Parents: Parenting Yesterday and Today.

Synopsis: Today's parents look much different than those of previous generations and sometimes distinguishing and understanding one style from the other can be difficult. Television shows, magazine articles, blogs and countless other media outlets seem to constantly create new names for the ways people are parenting in the new millennium. The Rise of the Millennial Parents: Parenting Yesterday and Today is based on Dr. Pedersen's research and experience to clearly explain the multitude of styles that exist and provide insight into these particular parenting philosophies. Titles such as Tiger Moms, Curling Parents, Panda Dads, Hot Tub Parenting and many others are fully revealed to provide educators, parents and anyone interested in better understanding the complexity and diversity of parenting styles that are currently in use in our society today.

Dr. Pedersen is currently the principal of South Plainfield High School in South Plainfield, New Jersey and also teaches courses at Felician College and Essex County Community College in New Jersey. His time in education has afforded him the opportunity to interact with hundreds of parents. The Rise of the Millennial Parents: Parenting Yesterday and Today, Dr. Pedersen's first book is based on current research on parenting styles as well as over two decades of experience as an educator in several school districts within the state of New Jersey.

His book is currently available on Amazon and is based on his article for the National Association for Elementary School Principals.


For more information, please contact:

  • James Pedersen
  • (973) 761-9668
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