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Cybersecurity Certification  

Cybersecurity As the 21st century unfurls, it becomes increasingly apparent that the essential infrastructure of modernity is digital — and that that infrastructure is vulnerable to attack and other forms of compromise.

In the face of these threats to network and data security, “cybersecurity” has become a major priority for business, government and consumers alike.

According to ISACA, an independent, nonprofit, global association engaged in the development, adoption and use of globally accepted knowledge and practices for information systems, 1 in 4 organizations have been subject to an attack; the average cost of a data breach is expected to rise to $150 million by 2020; 53% of organizations experience delays of as long as 6 months to find qualified cybersecurity candidates; and the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals is expected to reach 2 million workers by 2019.

This critical need for data and network security presents an opportunity for students preparing to enter the workforce.

“At Seton Hall we are fully invested in our students’ success,” said Senior Associate Provost Joan Guetti. “By marshalling our internal academic and professional resources in conjunction with outside practitioners, we can, and will, credential our students to continue to meet the needs of the evolving workplace.”

In the first of a series of programs designed to better prepare students for these opportunities, Seton Hall has teamed with New Horizons, a CompTIA Platinum Partner, to custom craft a “Boot Camp” introduction to cybersecurity.

The Boot Camp course, which combines the CompTIA Network + and Security + courses, is designed to prepare students for cybersecurity certification.

CompTIA Security+ is a professional entry-level cybersecurity certification recognized by both industry and the Department of Defense. After the Cyber Boot Camp is completed, students will receive access to an online Security + Certification course (as a refresher) for 1 year as well as a voucher to take the certification exam.

At Seton Hall, Senior Director of Information Security, Keith Barros, worked with Professor Manfred Minimair, who teaches mathematics and computer science, to customize the course with New Horizons. Barros said that upon completion of the class he will immediately hire a number of the students to work at the University. He said, “The need for cybersecurity professionals is real, widespread and urgent. This certification program is a good first step in further preparing our students to meet the demands of the digital workspace. Employers look for CompTIA certification, and now they’ll find it at Seton Hall.”

In addition to the Cyber Boot Camp, Professor Minimair is working with cybersecurity expert Joseph Ingemi to design a credit-based academic program that will feature “stackable” industry certifications and marketable skills for students as they progress through the curriculum — allowing students to update their resumes with industry-wide recognized credentials as they learn. The program would also contain an internship component in IT Security here at Seton Hall and then culminate with an internship at partner IT security firms across the Mid-Atlantic— giving students practical work-based experience to go along with their credentials.

The first Cyber Boot Camp kicks off on August 20th with a dinner and presentation by Joseph Ingemi. Ingemi has 20 years of experience in operational and project management, data governance, security and compliance in support of a variety of industries and areas that include the DoD, Homeland Security, Aerospace and Defense, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, State and Local Government and Utilities.

The first iteration of the Cyber Bootcamp runs from Monday, 8/21 to Friday, 8/25. Nearly 20 students (a mix of business, computer science and data science students) have signed up to participate in the course.

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