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Chemistry Major Values Intern Experiences  

Jessica ThomulkaJessica Thomulka is a senior majoring in Chemistry and Philosophy with a minor in Legal Studies. She is in the University Honors Program and worked as a Research & Development Intern at MILSPRAY Military Technologies during the summer. While there, she provided assistance with polymer formulation, preparation, testing, processing documents derived from testing, and assisting in the interpretation of test results. She was also responsible for the migration of Material Safety Data Sheets to OSHA, to ensure the safety of MILSPRAY's employees and customers. She worked alongside of chemists and engineers to develop new technologies for military and commercial use.

“The amount of chemistry I learned from my internship is immeasurable. The hands- on environment has taught me skills that I could have never learned in class or even in a teaching laboratory. At MILSPRAY I have had the opportunity to work with seasoned chemists and brilliant engineers who are eager to share their knowledge and practices. I have become more confident in myself and in my abilities.”

As a freshman, Jessica made an appointment with her career advisor to develop her first resume. She continues to visit The Career Center to keep it updated. In addition to working individually with her advisor, Jessica says that “career fairs and networking events have allowed me to become more confident in my ability to talk to employers. LinkedIn has also become a great resource for me to build a professional network with my coworkers at my internship”.

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