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Seton Hall University

Social Media Tool Celebrates Student Achievements  

Social Media Tool Seton Hall University is participating in a program to recognize student success that will award virtual merit badges for accomplishments such as academic achievements, including dean's list and graduation. Partnering with Merit, an online service that helps colleges and universities celebrate and share students' accomplishments, this year's launch will include Fall Dean's List notifications.

The University's Department of Public Relations and Marketing will administer the University's Merit account. Each student will have a Merit page, a verified professional profile that outlines accomplishments at Seton Hall-from research and academic awards to study abroad, volunteer work and co-curricular activities-and can be shared with prospective employers, graduate schools and others.

Students don't need to do anything to maintain their Merit pages, but they'll have the ability if they wish to enhance them with photos, bios, other activities or work experience. Students may also choose not to participate.

Through Merit, updates are also pushed out to social networks, sent to every student's high school, hometown news outlets, and families. More than 300 institutions participate in the Merit program.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Laurie Pine
  • (973) 378-2638
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