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CEHS Students Use Technology to Cross Borders  

UkraineThis semester, the Center for Global Education at Seton Hall has supported continued collaboration between Seton Hall students and students at the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University in Ukraine. For over seven years, this contact has included students from both institutions working on research projects, preparing presentations at international conferences, sharing videos and actively communicating through a discussion board on the Center's webpage. In the past high school students from both countries have also been involved in many of these activities.

Students in the secondary education program, enrolled in EDST 1301 AA and BB, were involved in communicating about various cultural aspects of the two countries. The exchange of information included videos, music, powerpoints, and more. Seton Hall students provided information about the role of religion in American life, an overview of education in the US, the many forms of music, and their impact on culture. The Ukrainians shared information about the history of Ukraine and the significance of religion, with a focus on two monasteries in Kyiv. On October 15, students from both universities used Skype to meet one another and share the work they had been doing, as well as to ask and answer questions. The collaboration continues through the end of the semester. In the past, long term relationships have emerged from this work. For Seton Hall students, the activities are part of an effort to promote global competencies that secondary education students can transfer into their practice in the future.

Dr. Nathaniel Knight, Chair of the History Department at Seton Hall, participated in the event and assisted with translation. He was joined By Jim Daly, Educational Studies, and Dr. Olga Tarasenko at the Borys Grinchecnko Kyiv University.

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