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Catholic Studies Major Business School 2016 Pirates Pitch Winner  

Christian ZeronCatholic Studies Major Christian Zeron (senior) was the 1st place winner of Pirates Pitch 2016 for founding his startup company Theo and Harris and "Audience Choice" winner for the most popular finalist business idea.

Pirates Pitch Venture is the Stillman School of Business version of Shark Tank. Christian Zeron will receive $6,000 award, plus legal, marketing and other business services, to grow his business for his 1st place winner award and an additional $500 for the most popular finalist business idea "Audience Choice" award. Pirates Pitch is the annual Seton Hall University Venture Fund Competition. Sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies in the Stillman School of Business, the competition encourages student teams to dream up an idea for a business, or, if a student already has started a business, then an idea to expand that fledgling business. The student teams then pitch that idea to a panel of judges comprised of successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. To read more click here »

"Christian is an outstanding young man and he is a credit to the Catholic Studies program and SHU," said Susan A. Scherreik M.B.A., founding director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies in the Department of Management at the Stillman School of Business.

Zeron 4 pirates pitch awardsChristian Zeron who is also a Catholic Studies Major scholarship winner, speaks with affections about his Catholic Studies Major, "… thus far, my Catholic Studies major has expanded my mind. I have studied the juxtaposition of morality and politics, the great minds of the Fathers of the Church and the magnitude of religions' impact on society throughout every chapter of history. Not only has my Catholic Studies major helped me prepare for life. I have found that I enjoy nothing more than discussing ethics from opposing perspectives, which I do daily as a Catholic Studies major. Slight skepticism was admittedly present when I began my Catholic Studies major, maybe a natural fear of the unknown, but I now consider it one of the best decisions I have ever made."

pirates pitch winner ZeronThere is common ground and complementarity between faith and reason, faith and science and obviously between faith and business. The Catholic Intellectual Tradition has much to offer to the vocation of the business leaders: tools to integrate faith and the ethical principles their business profession demands - explained Dr. Ines A. Murzaku, founding chair of the Department of Catholic Studies. "We are fortunate to have high achievers from every discipline in the university join Catholic Studies program. A degree in Catholic Intellectual Tradition is a wealth of seasoned wisdom combined with hands-on concrete applications."

Prof. Scherreik agrees, "In the area of entrepreneurship, I can see synergy between Catholic Studies and the field of social entrepreneurship. That would involve bringing entrepreneurial skills and strategies to helping to solve social problems. I can see some hands-on projects in this area," said Susan A. Scherreik MBA.

About the Department of Catholic Studies

Established in 2012-- the Year of Faith and the 50th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II -- the Department of Catholic Studies at Seton Hall University, America's oldest diocesan university, fosters Seton Hall's Catholic identity and mission by exploring the relationship of Catholicism with all areas of culture and learning. Since its focus is the Church's encounter and dialogue with society or the Church in the world, Vatican II designated a special place for Catholic Studies as a discipline in academic life. As a result, Catholic Studies is a dialogue between Catholicism and culture that occurs in a special way at Catholic universities. While respecting other disciplines, Catholic Studies explores theology and philosophy in relation to culture, humankind and the world. This methodological approach opens up a place for all other disciplines; these enrich Catholic Studies and are enriched in return.

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