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New Issue of Arcadia-Catholic Studies Student Journal is Published
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Arcadia-Catholic Studies Student JournalThe Department of Catholic Studies is pleased to announce the publication of Arcadia, Vol. VI, Spring 2014. Congratulations to John Hughes, editor-in-chief for his splendid work and all the contributors for their high-quality academic contributions. Arcadia's cover photo is courtesy of Naomi Endsley '15.

Arcadia - A Catholic Studies Student Journal offers a vehicle where Seton Hall University Undergraduates can contribute to the ongoing intellectual dialogue between the Catholic tradition and all areas of contemporary culture. A project which began by the Center of Catholic Studies, Arcadia is edited by Catholic Studies students and faculty and is published annually at the close of the Spring semester.

Here is what John Hughes writes about 2014 Arcadia's theme:

"Dear Readers, 

I am proud to present to you the 2014 edition of Arcadia: The Department of Catholic Studies Student Journal. When Dr. Ines Murzaku, our Department Chairperson, approached me about reviving the journal, I was thrilled at,the prospect of publishing so many essays that reflect how students live out the mission of Seton Hall University. 

After careful consideration, we chose “Faith in Action at Seton Hall University” as our theme for this year’s edition of the journal. The entries represent the diverse student body of the Department of Catholic Studies. You will find that our contributors’ majors include Biology, Education, History, Philosophy, and Theology, among others. All students whose writing is published in this journal have one thing in common: they are Catholic. Together these entries represent the diversity of religious community on campus, giving a glimpse into the diversity, the universality of our Catholicism on campus. 

Not only do our contributors’ majors vary, but the way that they are involved with their faith at Seton Hall University varies as well. Some have found that they have come to better know Our Lord through the ministry of the monks of the Community of Saint John; others have found their niche within FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, who have five missionaries that work in the Office of Campus Ministry. Still others have found they nur-ture their souls best through their involvement within Saint Paul’s Outreach, which has several missionaries living on campus and household “living faith communities” off-campus. Others have found Christ through the ministry of our forty-plus Priest Community, including, of special note, Monsignor Richard Liddy, Director of the Center for Catholic Studies, who hosts Night Prayer in his Xavier Hall dormitory room several nights a week.
Regardless of how they have found Jesus Christ, it is clear that our authors’ lives have changed as a result of their involvement through Catholic activities on campus. These young men and women have sought to make the most of Seton Hall University’s mission in that they have truly grown in the “Mind, Heart, and Spirit.” I hope that you find these entries as powerful as the editorial staff has felt about them. The Catholic Church at Seton Hall University is very much alive through the New Evangelization. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI referred to a new springtime within our Church, and Seton Hall can certainly count its fruits as part of this rebirth of our Church. 

Please be assured that you are remembered in our prayers at Seton Hall University every day, and that your assistance to the University– spiritually, monetarily, or service-wise– is deeply appreciated. God is certainly alive on our campus. Our students continue to seek our Lord. I hope that these testimonies will prove to you their passion for the faith."

- John Hughes ‘16, Editor-in-chief

For more information please contact:
Alexandra Benson
(973) 275-2808


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