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New Center and Institute Focused on Interprofessional Education
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Interprofessional Education (IPE)The School of Health and Medical Sciences (SHMS) announces the establishment of a new Center and an Institute at Seton Hall University: the Center for Interprofessional Education in the Health Sciences (CIEHS) and the Institute for Advanced Study of Rehabilitation and Sports Science (IASRSS).

CIEHS and IASRSS will unite the educational, research, community engagement and servant leadership missions related to their specific areas of focus. Additionally, the new center and institute also will help to elevate Seton Hall's profile as a top university committed to providing quality educational opportunities and achieving notable outcomes.

CIEHS is the result of SHMS' faculty-led Task Force on Interprofessional Education's (IPE) strategic planning efforts to create meaningful and cross-disciplinary educational and research experiences for students, faculty and clinical partners in order to further develop SHMS' patient-centered care mission. Innovative research, productive scholarship and the creation of several "Core Signature IPE Experiences" are already underway; thus, CIEHS will provide a solid foundation for continuous growth, ground-breaking developments and, ultimately, synergistic collaboration. Read more about SHMS' IPE initiatives in SHMS' Insights magazine.

A cornerstone of CIEHS' anticipated success will be interprofessional involvement from across and beyond the Seton Hall community. Please feel free to contact Genevieve Pinto Zipp, PT, EdD, Chair of the SHMS IPE Task Force and a Professor in SHMS' Department of Interprofessional Health Sciences and Health Administration, at (973) 275-2457 or to discuss opportunities to collaborate.

IASRSS will provide an interdisciplinary forum for the conduct of clinical research on injuries that result from individuals' participation in recreational exercise or competitive sports, as well as research on the physiological and biomechanical elucidation of novel or minimally explored topics in sports medicine, exercise and movement science or physical rehabilitation. A hallmark of IASRSS will be its fostering of interprofessional dialogue on contemporary issues in sports, exercise and physical rehabilitation through hosted journal clubs, continuing education seminars and outreach within and beyond the Seton Hall community.

The creation of the IASRSS Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of volunteer leaders, will present opportunities for faculty and clinical staff to become more involved in the Institute's worthwhile pursuits. For more information about the Institute, please contact Michael LaFountaine, EdD, ATC, IASRSS Founding Director and Assistant Professor in SHMS' Department of Physical Therapy, at (973) 275-2918 or

For more information please contact:
Lori Riley, PR Director
(973) 313-6077


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