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Matt Fabricant has always felt drawn to work with the neediest populations. As a Spanish teacher at North Star Academy in Newark, a school with a high rate of impoverished students, Fabricant knows education opens doors and creates opportunities. He also knows this is true not only for his students but for himself as well. With a goal of becoming a school principal in the future, Fabricant recently graduated from the College of Education and Human Services with an Executive Master of Arts in Education Leadership, Management and Policy. The cohort program is designed for teachers and others in the field of education pursuing eligibility as a school principal or supervisor.

Fabricant is already demonstrating leadership in teaching. His desire to incorporate interactive clickers into his lesson plans motivated him to launch a successful campaign to raise $800 for 32 of the devices. The interactive clickers bring fun into the classroom by allowing students to play challenging, interactive games like Jeopardy, but they also provide Fabricant with instant feedback on each student’s mastery of a lesson. Based on the data he receives in real time, Fabricant can adapt his lesson to the students’ pace or plan additional lessons to review the same material.

“Technology is one of the most effective ways to engage students. They love it and use it all the time. That’s how I am able to draw students in and get them excited about the class,” Fabricant said. “I want to give them the technology that wealthier districts have.”

Spurred on by his success in reaching his fundraising goal for the interactive clickers, Fabricant has a new campaign on to bring additional technology to his classroom. In his latest effort, he hopes to raise nearly $2,400 to purchase seven laptop computers to create engaging class projects and allow the students to develop essential technology skills through research, PowerPoint presentations and film and music projects.

The intersection of technology and school leadership is where Fabricant hopes to find himself in the future. He has a clear picture of where he hopes to be professionally 10 years from now.

“I am a principal of an urban school, fighting for equal opportunities for my students, getting them college ready and preparing them educationally to be successful. One of my main goals is to excite students about learning, so I’ll be working with teachers to develop dynamic lessons that include technology.”

With an Executive M.A. in Education Leadership, Management and Policy now on his résumé, Fabricant is grateful for being one step closer to his goal.

“Seton Hall is a great institution. It was a top flight education. Dr. [James] Corino [the cohort administrator] does a great job with the program.”

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