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Seton Hall Education Professor Receives Two Prestigious Appointments
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Dr. FinkelsteinDr. Martin Finkelstein, Ph.D., has been appointed to a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation advisory board, and to the TIAA-CREF Institute Fellows Program for the 2014-15 academic year. Finkelstein has been a faculty member at the College of Education and Human Services for nearly 30 years. He will put his research and scholarly expertise to good use as an adviser to work on projects involving student success and trends in employee financial preparation for retirement. “Dr. Finkelstein is a nationally recognized scholar for his work on the study of faculty appointments and the changing nature of academic work.” said Dr. Grace May, dean of the College of Education and Human Services.

As a professor in the education leadership, management and policy department, Finkelstein works with graduate students, supervising their research projects, as well as training them to analyze and report the results of their research. He credits Seton Hall with providing him with a professional learning environment that helps foster a passion for servant leadership, as well as being an all-around supportive atmosphere for the research he has completed. “In addition, he has published numerous pieces on the changing structure of the academic profession on the international level. Dr. Finkelstein’s rich and well respected research, provides an extraordinary opportunity for our doctoral students in higher education,” added Dr. May.

After reviewing his academic work and scholarly achievements, the Gates Foundation contacted Finkelstein, and offered him an opportunity to be a member of their advisory board. According to Finkelstein, the Gates Foundation’s main aim with this project is to try and get a sense of how to assist students to complete their college degrees, and working to establish a main line of communication with university faculty. His responsibilities with the Gates Foundation will be to investigate what can be done to achieve and promote student attendance and degree completion in colleges and universities. A major part of Finkelstein’s academic career has been focused on studying this subject; both in the U.S. and abroad.

Finkelstein will begin his duties with the TIAA-CREF Fellows Program in the fall; where he will be a part of a think tank environment. Finkelstein explained that his focus will be on staying abreast of current trends with retirement and pensions. He added that TIAA CREF, the largest pension fund in the country, serving higher education and healthcare, is trying to determine how people manage a secure retirement for themselves, and how an organization can help seniors better manage their retirement years. Finkelstein said his role will be to consult with the pension company on research projects and national conferences related to the changing nature of the academic workforce in higher education.

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