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Finance Apprenticeship PictureDuring the spring 2013 semester, students studying finance were exposed to an innovative learning experience that may prove to be a model for the future. Partnering with Napier Park Global Capital (formerly Citi Capital Advisors), a hedge fund specializing in risk management and compliance, Stillman students received real life experience conducting research and in-depth credit analysis on companies in diverse market sectors. They utilized Bloomberg, as well as other tools, to aid in research which involved heavy quantitative analysis. Additionally, they evaluated current credit default swaps on companies to assess risk exposure to the market.

The "apprenticeship" was kicked-off by Napier Capital in a large meeting and created the crash course for data analysis. Students simultaneously had academic assignments related to coursework as well as and provided performance feedback through the experience to round out the experiential education with a faculty advisor. Due to the success of the program, it will be offered in future semesters and potentially offered in other diverse business areas. The Career Center and Stillman School will continue to collaborate to ensure a quality experience for students.

For more information please contact:
Reesa Greenwald
(973) 275-2828


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