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A priest laughing with students outside the Chapel of Immaculate Conception.


The Micah Center for Business Ethics supports the development of business school faculty and assists them with incorporating consideration of ethical behaviors and decision-making into the curricula of business school courses, all within the context of the Catholic Social Tradition and the Catholic mission of Seton Hall. Through business creativity and innovation, we seek to address the human problem of making the world a better place to live and an even better place bring up future generations.

The Center's online resources include compilations of:

  • Journal Articles
  • Summaries of important Case Studies
  • News Articles Relevant to the Work of the Center
  • Seminars and Events

The Center will also produce a biannual newsletter.

Relevant Documents:

Centesimus Annus:
Written by John Paul II in 1991 after a period of civil protest against communism. John Paul II writes about the decisive factors of the rapid downfall of communism.

Rerum Novarum:
Written by Pope Leo XIII in 1892 highlighting social difficulties of the time. Pope Leo XIII Reflects on capital and labor through five key points, private property, the rights of the Church, the role of the state, the right to a just wage, and the importance of worker associations (unions).

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