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About the Center

Development of Business School Faculty

The Micah Center for Business Ethics seeks to engage and support the development of business school faculty and assist them with incorporating consideration of ethical behaviors and decision-making into the curricula of business school courses, all within the context of the Catholic Social Tradition and the Catholic mission of Seton Hall. Through business creativity and innovation, we seek to address the human problem of making the world a better place to bring up future generations.

Proactive Ethics Instruction

The Micah Center approaches business ethics instruction proactively and with an emphasis on application; business ethics is not something that should be left in the classroom but rather a system of values that guides decision-making on a day-to-day basis. Through facilitating a dialogue among members of the academic and business communities, the Micah Center seeks to establish a discussion and introduce a set of resources that will enable educators to form an ethics curriculum that maintains the values of the Catholic Social Tradition while remaining realistic for application by current and future practitioners. Micah Center events allow students to be able to connect with business and thought leaders at an exciting selection of lectures, roundtables, and workshops, which engage students with real world problems and teach them how to navigate them in a value-driven manner.

Clearinghouse for 'Best Practices'

As much as the Micah Center is a resource for students, it is also a resource for all business school faculty interested in incorporating the Catholic Social Tradition into their ethics curricula or ethics course components more broadly. By expanding the discussion of the role of ethics in any business education, the Micah Center serves as a clearinghouse for "best practices" among faculty and provides access to sample teaching notes, syllabi, and case studies. Accordingly, the Micah Center holds, coordinates, sponsors and participates in faculty conferences and workshops specifically aimed at improving the pedagogy of business ethics across disciplines. Moreover, the Micah Center places a special emphasis on measuring the results of ethics instruction by facilitating focus groups and discussions with students and faculty.

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