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April 2019

Easter Season Greetings to the Seton Hall Family!

As I prayed during Lent, I often reflected upon Jesus' message of love and forgiveness. To be more loving and forgiving, I tried to be more kind during the forty day period. Rather than follow my traditional pattern of "giving something up," I focused on something more positive, i.e., being kind.

When reading this month's article, "Our Culture of Contempt," (written by Arthur C. Brooks, a New York Times opinion columnist and president of the American Enterprise Institute), I thought about kindness as a way to combat the growth of this undesirable trait. Fortunately, Brooks more fully develops ways to arrest this unfortunate situation.

He suggests that everyone take responsibility for changing this culture. His recommendations are quite practical: disagree better, commit to never acting contemptuously with others, respond to the contempt around us opportunistically.

In his exposition he includes a few words about leadership. He warns about people purported to be leaders, but who actually use you for their purposes. He characterizes leaders as those who teach you something new, or expand your worldview and moral outlook. These features are often lacking in today's leaders, and perhaps this deficiency is a reason for the development of contempt in society.

May you be blessed this Easter season!

Wally Kennedy

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