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October 2021

Autumn greetings to the Seton Hall family,

As fall moves forward, the news is filled with reports about coronavirus, labor shortages, supply chain problems, mask mandates and rising costs. Most of these are discouraging, but perhaps there is hope as the impact of the latest COVID variant is diminishing. We pray that this pattern continues.

Perhaps, some of the ideas developed in this month’s IBC selection have evolved or grown stronger because of the pandemic. The subject of the piece is marketing and the need for this discipline to find ways to achieve a reasonable slowdown in economic growth to save the planet. Phillip Kotler, an emeritus professor of marketing at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management, is the author.

Marketers have always sought way to help companies increase sales. But, often this objective was achieved with practices that hindered the sustainability of the planet. Kotler argues that consumers, businesses, and governments must develop a new mindset to limit harmful greenhouse gas growth.

He challenges citizens to place a chokehold on the consumerism that is prevalent in contemporary American culture. On a positive note, he points out signs of a growing anti-consumerist movement.

As I read the article, I thought about Pope Francis’s frequent messages to curb consumerism. I also reflected about important principles of Catholic Social Teaching, i.e., we are in this together (solidarity) and we have a responsibility to address the problem at its roots (subsidiarity). As consumers, we have a role in ensuring the sustainability of God’s planet.

Your feedback about this topic would be appreciated. Please be well and safe.

Wally Kennedy

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