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January 2018

New Year’s Blessings to the Seton Hall Family!

In his first message of the year, John Fontana provides more information about the transition to the Ignatian Business Conference. Later this month the Renew International Team and John will do a press release announcing the re-branding of Woodstock as Ignatian Business Chapters, and the publication of “The Dynamic Leader Balancing Faith and Work,” a book to launch new groups, and provide additional material for longstanding chapters. He encourages use of the new book (available through Amazon and by clicking here) as well as his monthly IBC Topics.

The article selected for January IBC Topics was written many years ago, and was used by some WBC chapters. Despite its age, the piece is timely; the title is “A Liberation from Poverty in the Context of Redemption.” Monika Hellwig, a Georgetown Professor of Theology, is the author.

Ms. Hellwig writes that liberation from poverty is an urgent concern, particularly in less developed countries. She develops a perspective about our understanding of redemption, and explains what it has to do with the kind of liberation and rescue that many people in the world are seeking.

Before reading her exposition, you might want to review John’s questions. Perhaps you can ponder beforehand: what is your engagement in the ongoing work of redemption as depicted by the author, do you see sin not just in a personal context, but also a social context, in what way do you make choices between the way of darkness and the way of light.

I found the article more challenging than usual. But the question of social responsibility is quite timely in light of new tax laws in part designed to encourage American corporations to repatriate earnings that have been stored overseas. Will these earnings be invested for the common good, returned to investors via dividends, or used to manipulate stock prices through buybacks? We should follow the decisions of corporate leaders as they develop their strategies; hopefully their actions will address societal needs.

Enjoy the material.

Wally Kennedy

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