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Mentoring Program


All students will work with at least one physician mentor to help guide their professional development and professional identity formation. To enhance the mentoring relationships, faculty will be limited to not more than five student mentees at one time. Students may choose their mentors or be paired with mentors by the office of Student Affairs and Wellbeing. The SOM offers the following types of mentors:

Specialty Mentors (Required:) All students must have at least one): Specialty Mentors are physicians who have first-hand, in-depth knowledge of their specific field of medicine. Their primary responsibility is to help students make informed career decisions. Each student will be paired with one or more Specialty Mentors to assist him/her in making the best specialty choice for his/her particular career goals and interests. Students may opt to be paired with Specialty Mentor(s) at any point beginning in Phase 1. However, by the beginning of Phase 2, all students .must be working with at least one Specialty Mentor. Students electing to enter residency for their Phase 3 option must be be connected with at least one Specialty Mentor no later than the second half of Phase 1. There are many reasons why a student may desire more than one Specialty Mentor, including students who are deciding between two or more specialties.

Students may select Specialty Mentors from their clinical experiences in Phase 1 and Phase 2 or be connected to Specialty Mentors in virtually any field by their Advisors.

Specialty Mentors will assist with exploring clinical practice, professional opportunities, lifestyle and practice settings for the over 120 currently recognized specialties of medicine. They will provide guidance on choosing rotations and clinical experiences to best explore areas of interest, and will respond to questions about lifestyle and compensation. All Specialty Mentors will address specialty and subspecialty training options, combined training programs, away rotations, and other topics related to planning for a career in a specific field of medicine.

Affinity Mentors (Optional): Interested students will be paired with physician faculty who provide general professional development and wellbeing support based on similar backgrounds, skills, interests, or personal characteristics (such as first generation medical students, ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, gender, sexuality, advocacy, future practice setting, hobbies, alumni).

Research and Scholarly Activity Mentors (Optional, unless required as part of ILP): Research and scholarly activity mentors are physicians or other professionals with specific skill sets who will provide expert mentoring for students interested in pursuing research, scholarly activity, or careers in academic medicine.

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