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Careers in Medicine

The planned advising program and timeline are modeled upon the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Careers in Medicine (CAM) program.

Specialty Mentors

One of the great strengths of the SOM is our vast clinical network with over 6500 physicians in 160 locations throughout New Jersey. This great network of clinicians in the various types of practice is a key resources in helping our students explore and identify the career path that best suits their goals, abilities, interests, skills, strengths and personality.

Specialty Mentors are practicing physicians that have first- hand, in-depth knowledge of their specific field of medicine to help our students make the most informed career decisions. Specialty Mentors are one of several SOM resources to assist our students in exploring identifying and their career options.

The SOM curriculum is divided into three Phases. More information is available here. Each student will be paired with one or more Specialty Mentors to assist them in making the best specialty choice for their particular career goals and interests. Students may opt to be paired with a Specialty Mentor in Phase 1. All students will be required to work with at least one specialty mentor in Phase 2 and Students electing to enter residency for their Phase 3 option will be connected with a Specialty Mentor no later than the second half of Phase 1.

Students may select Specialty members from their clinical experiences and rotations or be connected to physicians from virtually any specialty by their academic advisors;

Specialty Mentors can assist with exploring lifestyle and practice settings for the over 120 currently recognized specialties of medicine. They can help with questions about lifestyle and compensation, and provide guidance on choosing rotations and clinical experiences to best explore areas of interest; and how to best plan and prepare for the interview process, the residency Match, as well as, considerations for early entry into residency training, specialty and subspecialty training options, combined training programs, away rotations and other topics related to planning for a career in a specific field of medicine.

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