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Longitudinal Content

The innovative curriculum at Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall University is designed with longitudinal integration of basic science content and its application in the clinical context.

The sequential Sciences/Skills/Reasoning (SSR) courses will integrate content from the Biomedical, Behavioral, Social, and Health System Sciences. Each week of Phase 1 begins with a Monday morning patient presentation. All content that is taught that week will then be scaffolded in a structured concept map built around the weekly patient presentation.

Because the practice of medicine occurs in an integrated manner and not in silos, rather than have stand-alone courses such as pharmacology, we teach pharmacology in a longitudinal manner throughout the 16-months of Phase 1. All content is taught in a way that is relevant to the clinical presentation of the week.

Longitudinal content that is integrated throughout the SSR Courses includes clinical skills, Health Systems Science, and others. The Human Dimension (Community Immersion) course continues throughout the entire core curriculum. These provide students with immersion into community health, Social Determinants of Health, and early clinical practice.