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Miriam Hoffman
Miriam Hoffman, MD, Associate Dean of Medical Education | 973-275-4857

Keith Metzger
Keith Metzger, PhD, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education & Learning Strategies | 973-275-4303

Sabrina Kovler
Sabrina Kovler, MHA, Director of the Office of Medical Education | 973-275-4306

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Course/Clerkship Leaders

Molecular and Cellular Principles

Linda Siracusa
Linda Siracusa, Ph.D., Professor, Course Co-Director | 973-275-4313

Helio Pedro, Course Co-Director

Structural Principles

Keith Metzger, PhD, Course Director

Immunity, Infection, and Cancer

Osvaldo Lopez
Osvaldo Lopez, Ph.D., Professor, Course Co-Director | 973-275-4316

Jeffrey Boscamp
Jeffrey Boscamp, M.D., Associate Dean of MedEd Continuum, Course Co-Director | 973-542-6893

The Developing Human

Jennifer Zepf
Jennifer Zepf, D.O., Course Director | 973-275-4312

Linda Siracusa, Ph.D., Course Co-Director

Homeostasis and Allostasis

Anthony Payne
Anthony Payne, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Course Director | 973-275-4315

Kenneth Lieberman
Kenneth Lieberman, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, Course Co-Director | 555-996-8228

Louis Teichholz
Lou Teichholz, M.D., Course Co-Director

Nutrition Metabolism Digestion

Zhiyong Han, PhD
Zhiyong Han, Ph.D., Professor, Course Co-Director | 973-275-4309

David Leopold, MD
David Leopold, M.D., Professor, Course Co-Director | 732-450-2797

Neurosciences – Behavior

Fortunato Battaglia, MD, PhD
Fortunato Battaglia, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Course Co-Director | 973-761-9605

Human Dimension

Carmela Rocchetti
Carmela Rocchetti, MD, Human Dimension Course Director | 973-542-6720

Caryn Katz Loffman
Caryn Katz-Loffman, LSW, Assistant Course Director, Human Dimension | 973-542-6741

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Longitudinal Content Leads

Health Systems Science

Joshua Josephs
Joshua Josephs, M.D., Assistant Professor | 551-996-4466

Clinical Skills

Ofelia Martinez
Ofelia Martinez, MD, MPH, Director of Clinical Skills | 973-275-4318


Anthony Payne, Ph.D.


Keith Metzger, PhD


Jennifer Zepf, D.O.


Osvaldo Lopez, Ph.D.


Vicki Coffin, PhD
Vicki Coffin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Co-Course Director Neurosciences and Behavior | 973-275-4311


Zhiyong Han, Ph.D.

David Leopold, M.D.


Jennifer Zepf, D.O.

Professional Identity Foundation

Caryn Katz-Loffman, LSW


Zhiyong Han, Ph.D.


Anthony Payne, Ph.D.

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Clerkship Faculty

Emergency Medicine Clerkship

Monica Hernandez
Monica Hernandez, MD, Director | 201-966-2300

Atul Pasricha, Assistant Clerkship Director

Family Medicine Clerkship

Rosa Mendoza, MD, Director

Rachel Rosenberg
Rachel Rosenberg, MD, Assistant Director

Internal Medicine Clerkship

Anne Marie Van Hoven
Anne Marie Van Hoven, MD, Director | 732-339-7612

Neurology Clerkship

Felicia Gliksman, MD
Felicia Gliksman, MD, Course Co-Director Neurosciences and Behavior | 551-996-3200

OBGYN Clerkship

Ginja Morreale
Ginja Morreale, MD, Director | 732-774-0200

Vanessa Parisi
Vanessa Parisi, DO, Associate Director | 973-542-8771

Pediatric Clerkship

Julie Topsis, MD
Julie Topsis, MD, Director | 732-776-4283

Katharine Clouser, MD
Katharine Clouser, MD, Associate Director | 551-996-5323

Psychiatry Clerkship

Naomi Ambalu, DO
Naomi Ambalu, DO, Director | 973-542-6711

Surgery Clerkship

Ellen Hagopian
Ellen Hagopian, MD, Director | 973-542-6500

Transitional Medicine Clerkship

Rachel Rosenberg, MD, Director

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Curriculum Administrators

Ron Silvis
Ron Silvis, EdD, Phase 1 Director | 973-275-4308

Michel'le Bryant
Michel’le J. Bryant, MPA, Phase 1 Coordinator | 973-275-4317

Erin Taylor
Erin Taylor, Sciences, Skills and Reasoning Coordinator | 973-275-4325

Tamiera Whitten
Tamiera Whitten, BA, Curriculum Committee Administrator - General | 973-542-6613

Joy Intindola
Joy Intindola, Phase 3 Administrator | 973-542-6619

Sabrina Kovler, MHA

Elizabeth Koltz
Elizabeth Koltz, EdM, Director of Instructional and Curriculum Design | 973-275-4307

Laura Roundtree
Laura Roundtree, Anatomical Lab Manager | 973-275-4836

Kim Parra
Kim Parra, M.Ed., Phase 2 Manager | 973-542-6643

Saman Ali
Saman Ali, Clerkship Coordinator

Kristina Caplin
Kristina Caplin, Clerkship Coordinator

Anna Cellini
Anna Cellini, Clerkship Coordinator

Camilla Essner
Camilla Essner, Clerkship Coordinator

Rosemary Mineros
Rosemary Mineros, Clerkship Coordinator | 973-542-6632

Hawwa Muhammad
Hawwa Muhammad, MHA, Clerkship Coordinator | 973-542-6711

Magan Zecena
Magan Zecena, MHA, Clerkship Coordinator | 973-275-4879

Daniel Park
Daniel Park, LCP Coordinator | 973-542-6786

Jennifer Cabrera
Jennifer Cabrera, Clinical Skills Coordinator | 973-542-6787

Donna Wexler
Donna Wexler, OME Administrative Assistant | 973-542-6610

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Clinical Skills

Ofelia Martinez, MD, MPH

Mukundha Maneyapanda
Mukundha Maneyapanda, MD, Associate Director of Clinical Skills | 973-542-6788

Paul Fiteni
Paul Fiteni, Simulation Center Administrator | 973-542-6880

Andrew Polcaro
Andrew Polcaro, Simulation Technician | 973-542-6618

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Human Dimensions & Community Programs

Carmela Rocchetti, MD

Caryn Katz-Loffman, LSW

Michal Divney
Michal Divney, LCSW, Community Programs Manager | 973-275-4330

Stephanie Campos
Stephanie Campos, Community Engagement Specialist | 973-275-4328

Lucia Delaroca
Lucia Delaroca, BASW, Community Liaison | 973-542-6769

Catherine Jones
Catherine Jones, Community Liaison | 973-542-6718

Lindsey Moncada
Lindsey Moncada, Community Liaison | 973-542-6641

Nana Opoku Mensah
Nana Opoku-Mensah, Community Liason | 973-542-6780

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Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

Chosang Tendhar
Chosang Tendhar, PhD, MBA, MS, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

Christopher Bujara
Christopher Bujara, Assessment Information Systems Manager | 973-275-4322

Tingting Chen
Tingting Chen, PhD, Assessment Specialist | 973-542-6614

Jesse Jacondin
Jesse Jacondin, Institutional Effectiveness Specialist | 973-542-6780

Saleena Surjnarine
Saleena Surjnarine, Assessment Operations Assistant | 973-275-4325

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