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Miriam Hoffman
Miriam Hoffman, MD, Associate Dean of Medical Education | 973-275-4857

Keith Metzger
Keith Metzger, PhD, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education & Learning Strategies | 973-275-4303

Sabrina Kovler
Sabrina Kovler, MHA, Director of the Office of Medical Education | 973-275-4306

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Course/Clerkship Leaders

Molecular and Cellular Principles

Course Director:

Jennifer Zepf
Jennifer Zepf, D.O., Assistant Professor | 973-275-4312

Course Co-Director:

Linda Siracusa
Linda Siracusa, Ph.D., Professor | 973-275-4313

Structural Principles

Course Director: Keith Metzger, PhD

Immunity, Infection, and Cancer

Course Director:

Osvaldo Lopez
Osvaldo Lopez, Ph.D., Professor | 973-275-4316

Course Co-Director:

Jeffrey Boscamp
Jeffrey Boscamp, M.D., Associate Dean of MedEd Continuum | 973-542-6893

The Developing Human

Course Director: Jennifer Zepf, D.O.

Course Co-Director: Linda Siracusa, Ph.D.

Homeostasis and Allostasis

Course Director:

Anthony Payne
Anthony Payne, Ph.D., Associate Professor | 973-275-4315

Course Co-Directors:

Kenneth Lieberman
Kenneth Lieberman, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics | 555-996-8228

Lou Teichholz, M.D.

Nutrition Metabolism Digestion

Course Director:

Zhiyong Han, PhD
Zhiyong Han, Ph.D., Professor | 973-275-4309

Course Co-Director:

David Leopold, MD
David Leopold, M.D., Professor | 732-450-2797

Neurosciences – Behavior

Course Director:

Fortunato Battaglia, MD, PhD
Fortunato Battaglia, M.D., Ph.D., Professor | 973-761-9605

Human Dimension

Course Director:

Carmela Rocchetti
Carmela Rocchetti, MD, Human Dimension Course Director | 973-542-6720

Course Co-Director:

Caryn Katz Loffman
Caryn Katz-Loffman, LSW, Assistant Course Director, Human Dimension | 973-542-6741

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Longitudinal Content Leads - Phase 2

Health Systems Science

Joshua Josephs
Joshua Josephs, M.D., Assistant Professor | 551-996-4466

Clinical Skills

Ofelia Martinez
Ofelia Martinez, MD, MPH, Director of Clinical Skills | 973-275-4318


Anthony Payne, Ph.D.


Keith Metzger, PhD


Jennifer Zepf, D.O.


Osvaldo Lopez, Ph.D.


Vicki Coffin, PhD
Vicki Coffin, Ph.D., Associate Professor | 973-275-4311


Zhiyong Han, Ph.D.

David Leopold, M.D.


Jennifer Zepf, D.O.

Professional Identity Foundation

Caryn Katz-Loffman, LSW


Zhiyong Han, Ph.D.


Anthony Payne, Ph.D.

Jennifer Zepf, D.O.

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Clerkship Faculty

Emergency Medicine Clerkship

Monica Hernandez
Monica Hernandez, MD, Director | 201-966-2300

Family Medicine Clerkship

Rosa Mendoza, MD, Director

Rachel Rosenberg, MD, Acting Director of Family Medicine | 973-275-4308

Internal Medicine Clerkship

Anne Marie Van Hoven
Anne Marie Van Hoven, MD, Director | 732-339-7612

Neurology Clerkship

Felicia Gliksman, MD
Felicia Gliksman, MD, Director | 551-996-3200

OBGYN Clerkship

Ginja Morreale
Ginja Morreale, MD, Director | 732-774-0200

Vanessa Parisi
Vanessa Parisi, DO, Associate Director | 973-542-8771

Pediatric Clerkship

Julie Topsis, MD
Julie Topsis, MD, Director | 732-776-4283

Katharine Clouser, MD
Katharine Clouser, MD, Associate Director | 551-996-5323

Psychiatry Clerkship

Naomi Ambalu, MD, Director | 908-647-8847

Surgery Clerkship

Ellen Hagopian
Ellen Hagopian, MD, Director | 973-542-6500

Transitional Medicine Clerkship

Rachel Rosenberg, MD, Director

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Curriculum Administrators

Ron Silvis
Ron Silvis, EdD, Phase 1 Director | 973-275-4308

Michel'le Bryant
Michel’le J. Bryant, MPA, Human Dimension Coordinator - Phase 1 | 973-275-4317

Lisa Marie Bronson
Lisa Marie Bronson, Science, Skills & Reasoning Coordinator - Phase 1 | 973-275-4324

Tamiera Whitten
Tamiera Whitten, BA, Curriculum Committee Administrator - General | 973-542-6613

Sabrina Kovler, MHA

Todd Petrich
Todd Petrich, Phase 2 Manager | 973-542-6744

Elizabeth Koltz
Elizabeth Koltz, EdM, Director of Instructional and Curriculum Design | 973-275-4307

Laura Roundtree
Laura Roundtree, Anatomical Lab Manager | 973-275-4836

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Clinical Skills

Ofelia Martinez, MD, MPH

Mukundha Maneyapanda
Mukundha Maneyapanda, MD, Associate Director of Clinical Skills | 973-542-6788

Paul Fiteni
Paul Fiteni, Simulation Center Administrator | 973-542-6880

Andrew Polcaro
Andrew Polcaro, Simulation Technician | 973-542-6618

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Human Dimensions & Community Programs

Carmela Rocchetti, MD

Michel’le J. Bryant, MPA

Caryn Katz-Loffman, LSW

Michal Divney
Michal Divney, LCSW, Community Programs Manager | 973-275-4330

Stephanie Campos
Stephanie Campos, Community Engagement Specialist | 973-275-4328

Nana Opoku Mensah
Nana Opoku-Mensah, Community Liason | 973-542-6780

Lucia Delaroca
Lucia Delaroca, BASW, Community Liaison | 973-542-6769

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Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness

Jennifer Kobrin
Jennifer L. Kobrin, EdD, Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment | 973-275-4319

Christopher Bujara
Christopher Bujara, Assessment Information Systems Manager | 973-275-4322

Tingting Chen
Tingting Chen, PhD, Assessment Specialist | 973-542-6614

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