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Information Technology

The Interprofessional Health Sciences Campus is outfitted with state of the art technology to ensure a 21st century learning environment for all students and faculty who utilize the facility.

The IHS campus is 100% wireless, allowing students and faculty to connect to the University network and utilize academic resources that are available both internally and on the internet from anywhere in the building. The campus is served by a tier one internet service provider with redundant internet connections to ensure both high speed and high availability of the campus network.

Information Commons, the modern Library space on the campus, is outfitted with 30 desktop computers to allow students, faculty and other researchers access to the wide range of information and databases managed by the University Library. Additionally, the larger study rooms available in the Information Commons are outfitted with an LCD display and Solstice for collaboration and wireless display connectivity.

Digital signage, powered by Industry Weapon, is outfitted throughout the facility to ensure that students are informed of events, important dates and news about the campus.