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Mathematics is a discipline which appeals to a wide variety of people.  On the one hand, mathematics is concrete, its questions often motivated by diverse and very real phenomena.  A lot of the problems that mathematics considers come from physics, biology, psychology, or other of the hard or social sciences; but even areas like the law, English, art, and other subjects of the humanities have aspects that are substantially informed by mathematics.   Mathematics is also increasingly prevalent and popular.  As science and computing grow in importance, mathematics and mathematical analyses are appearing more often in the media and the news, and a mathematics degree is a real asset in many different fields.  On the other hand mathematics is built upon ideas and their abstractions, and is considered by some to be a liberal art.  As Albert Einstein put it, “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Seton Hall honors all these aspects.  The faculty has published in a variety of mathematical fields, ranging from number theory to differential equations to graph theory and combinatorics.  Students completing a mathematics degree at Seton Hall have gone on to a number of careers areas--actuarial science, education, business, to name a few--and many others have continued their studies in graduate or professional school.  Honors students have paired with faculty to complete individual research projects, and some of these projects have resulted in published research articles in mathematical journals.  The Department is also the annual host and sponsor of the Joseph W. Andrushkiw Competition, one of the largest and longest-running high school mathematics competitions in New Jersey. 

Information for Students

The department of Mathematics and Computer Science also offers interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate certificate programs in Data Visualization and Analysis.

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