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Pair Up with the Pirates

Networking & Awards Reception
Hosted by the Market Research Center

Thursday, April 13, 2023
6 p.m. - 8 p.m. ET

Seton Hall University, Bethany Hall AB

Pair Up with the Pirates 2018

WHAT to expect

  • Reception honoring outstanding business partners
  • Invaluable networking for you & your business

WHO will attend

  • Prospective & former business partners
  • Alumni, business professionals, students, faculty
  • Friends, family & colleagues of the honorees

WHY you should attend

  • Learn about market research for your business
  • Grow your network & connect with valuable resources
  • Start a partnership with the Market Research Center

Distinguished Business Partners
of the Year

Charisse Satchell

Charisse Satchell
Memory Ties

Denise Hajjar

Denise Hajjar
Full-Service Community Schools Health Center

Katelyn Brower

Katelyn Brower


Student Honorees of the Year

Rocco Pascale

Rocco Pascale
Undergraduate Student of the Year

Megan Sundberg

Megan Sundberg
Graduate Student of the Year


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