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The Lonergan Review Style and Formatting Guidelines List  

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A. General Instructions

  • Articles should be approximately 5,000 words in length, including footnotes.
  • Articles should be prepared for blind review. The author’s name or affiliation shouldnot appear in the document, this includes references to previous work in the endnotes.
  • Include relevant biographical information in the email accompanying the submission.
  • Articles should be submitted in “.docx” format.

B. Formatting and Style Guidelines

  • Font: Garamond
  • Spacing: Single
    • i.Title: 14pt, Bold
    • ii.Body: 12pt, Normal
    • iii. Indented Block Quotes: 11pt, Normal
  • Italicize book titles and foreign words.
  • Do not italicize common Latin abbreviations.
  • Quoted material should be indicated by double quote marks, not single ones.
  • Indented block quotes should not have quotation marks. Single quote marks should be used for quoted material within the block quote.
  • Use Roman Numerals (I, II, III) to distinguish sections, if desired.
  • Indicate a subsection by an italicized, left-justified subheading without number or letter.
  • Use longer em dashes (—) rather than en dashes (–) to add content to a sentence. There should be no space on either end of the elongated dash.
  • Please use the serial (or “Oxford”) comma when listing items.
  • Avoid the use of contractions except in quoted material.

C. References

  • All references must be endnotes. Convert any footnotes to endnotes before submission.
  • Endnote citations should follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition (2017)
  • After a first full citation of a source, a shortened reference should be used for subsequent references consisting of: Author’s Last Name, Shortened Title, Page No.
  • Do not use p. or pp. to indicate pages; simply list the page or page range.
  • All references to Lonergan’s work should quote from the Collected Works and use the following format:
    • i.Bernard Lonergan, Insight, vol. 3 CWL, eds. Frederick Crowe, S.J. and Robert Doran, S. J., (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1992), 111
    • ii.After initial citation: Lonergan, Insight, 111


  • Please spell out reference to centuries, e.g.: nineteenth century, twentieth century.
  • All spelling should be American spelling except in quoted material.
  • Please use ’s to indicate possession even if a word ends in s.