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General Resources on the GEM

This section contains a selection of Bernard Lonergan's works, other general works on Lonergan and on GEM, as well as biographies. It is to be noted that shortly after his publication of Insight in 1957 Lonergan referred to his focus as "transcendental method." Later on, he began to refer to it as "generalized empirical method." (See Andrew Beards, "Generalized Empirical Method," The Lonergan Review, Vol. III, 33 - 87).

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Websites, Forums and Blogs

Additional websites, forums and blogs about Bernard Lonergan and his works include:

The website of Philip McShane, who emphasizes the implementation of Lonergan's vision can be found at that lists his books and online essays as well as unpublished works by Lonergan.

The Thomas More Institute, Montreal, for resources related to Lonergan and Adult Education can be found at

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