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The Face Behind the Podcast Initiative  

Audrey PenningtonEight episodes into the Seton Hall Undergraduate Leaders Podcast, and it is clear to see that the recently created initiative is off to a great start. It has already provided great leadership insight from the likes of Dr. Jerry Buccino, Rebecca Feder, and Michael Reuter through interviews with Dr. Bryan Price. He is quite literally the voice of this podcast initiative, but Audrey Pennington has quickly become the idealistic personality behind the scenes of these interviews.

A member of the College of Communication and the Arts cohort, Audrey was quick to jump on board with the podcast initiative in its early days. She sees many parallels between her responsibilities with the initiative and those she had while working with her high school TV show. "I thought the podcast initiative gave me an opportunity to apply what I already know and learn some new things as we go along."

As the head of the podcast initiative, Audrey's responsibilities range from managing the tasks of smaller sub teams to acting as the intermediary between those sub teams and Dr. Price. She personally has the goal of garnering as much student support as possible from the leadership program so that the initiative can be entirely student run by next semester.

She also values her experience with WSOU, Seton Hall's student run radio station, and is excited by her two passions meshing together. "Doug, the technical director at WSOU, has worked a lot with Bryan on the podcast and it's weird in a cool way to see these two different areas mesh together."

Audrey cited Dr. James Kimble as one of her leadership role models, stating that "He allows us to run with our own ideas, but he also knows how to foster growth in everyone," she said with admiration in her tone. "His guidance has really paid off, and I just want to mirror what he did."

Audrey's commitment to the Podcast Initiative has been exemplary of the pillar of courageous communication. Not only have her efforts to grow the concept been through pure passion and love for what she does, but they have also put her outside of her comfort zone in order to grow as a leader and help others do the same.

The hard work of Audrey and her team can be listened to each week on the Institute's "We Make Leaders Better Wednesdays" with the release of a new podcast across several streaming platforms.

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