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Director Michael Reuter on Making It into the LEAD 2019 Winner's Circle  

Photo of Michael ReuterMichael Reuter, director of the Gerald P. Buccino '63 Center for Leadership Development, sat down for an interview on making it into the LEAD 2019 Winner's Circle, a celebration of leadership development and training programs implemented by corporate, government and educational organizations.

How do you feel to be in this year's Winner Circle?
Receiving notification that our Buccino Center has for the fifth consecutive year made it into the HR.com Winner's Circle is an exciting recognition! I was ecstatic for the team and thankful for all our Seton Hall family who cast their votes for the Program. Once again, this honor gives testimony to the continued growth and development of the Business Leadership Center. Credit goes to the work of many – our students, Executive Advisory Council, faculty and administrators and the many stakeholders and friends who have made this possible. It takes a tribe and we have a magnificent tribe. I am deeply humbled and honored to serve our magnificent family.

What comes next on the "Road to Gold?"
This announcement is step one in the process. The award is highly competitive, and I am confident that it will be again this year. The final top three award winners will be announced on Tuesday, March 5, at the Annual Awards Ceremony taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah. There, we plan to bring home the gold for the fifth year in a row. It will be history-making for Seton Hall. As important, it will bring significant prestige and visibility to Seton Hall's Buccino Leadership Institute. Whatever the outcome, however, I know that our program is the best in the nation and that we continue to give it our all. We are ceaseless and our best is yet to come!

Tell us more about HR.com and the LEAD Award.
The goal of HR.com's LEAD award is to engage and promote "A World Inspired." Starting in 2015, HR.com has honored and awarded one organization for its outstanding leadership development at their LEAD conferences. Each conference sets out to help leaders around the world develop and improve their skills to learn more about how to better their company, which translates beautifully into the academic world. The recognition of the award brings great prestige to the business organizations and colleges and universities that participate.

Joining me at the Ceremony in Utah will be Professor Jack Shannon whose vision it was to establish the program in the Stillman School and whose continued support has contributed to the program's elevation to national prominence. Bryan Price, inaugural executive director of the Buccino Leadership Institute, will also be joining us. Bryan is already laying the foundation for his vision of having the Leadership Institute be nationally recognized as the premier leadership program among colleges and universities.

How has the Center achieved leadership excellence five years in a row?
The achievement of national prominence four years in a row, many have said is phenomenal and unbelievable. The team did it! To be recognized five years in a row is not only history making, but unprecedented. The Business Leadership Center continues to grow and expand. And, now it is part of something bigger and greater, the Buccino Leadership Institute, representing the entire University in all its greatness. Yes, our program is a founding cornerstone for the Institute, but now we have the broader richness of a collaboration and partnership with other Seton Hall schools and colleges that will take the University to levels undreamed in leadership excellence. It is a beginning of new visions and dreams. The beautiful part… I know the best is yet to come. Life is so very good!

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