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Professional Leadership Coaching

Seton Hall is believed to be the first university to offer leadership coaching strictly to competitively-selected undergraduate students. Every student in the Buccino Leadership Institute is assigned a professional leadership coach over two semesters. Together, the student and the coach make progress toward a specific goal determined by the student. 

These 14 hand-picked coaches are impressive individuals with decades of professional experience and unique skill sets. Some had careers as corporate executives for multinational corporations. Others routinely coach CEOs and C-Suite leaders in a variety of industries – pharmaceuticals, finance, law, media, and health care. There is even a former professional basketball player. All of the coaches, however, share a passionate belief in the Buccino Leadership Institute's mission and the positive impact this program can have on high-performing students. Part of the "Leadership family," many of the coaches not only coach, but are involved in the Institute’s happenings throughout the year – participating and attending program sessions, student presentations and Institute celebrations.   

Meet the Coaches 

  • Julie Crotty, J.D./M.B.A.
    Founder and Principal Consultant of LUMI Coaching & Leadership Development

  • Katrina Holm-DiDio, M.A.
    Principal Coach (ACC) and Consultant at KHD Consulting International LL

  • Kathy McDermott
    McDermott &Associates Coaching, LLC

  • Lisa Geller, M.A.
    Founder and Principal of Geller Consulting Group LLC

  • Nancy E. McCarthy, M.B.A.
    Principal, McCarthy Consulting

  • Nancy Singer, M.B.A.
    Board Director/ CEO and Founder, Singer Leadership Group

  • Rebecca Feder, M.B.A.
    Founder and Principal Consultant of Princeton HR Insight LLC

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