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What Great Minds Can Do: Leadership

Photo of Christopher Lucas

Christopher Lucas

Finance, Marketing majors

Oakland, California

Headshot of Allyson McCormick.

Allyson McCormick

Finance major

Vineland, New Jersey

Headshot of Noah Turner.

Noah Turner

Accounting, Finance majors

Mullica, New Jersey

Photo of Colleen O'Keefe

Colleen O'Keefe

Business Administration, English majors

Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Portrait of Jared Rubino

Jared Rubino

Finance major

North Providence, Rhode Island

Photo of Rua Dinm

Rua Dinm

Business Administration, Marketing majors

Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Portrait of Daria Saxton

Daria Saxton

Marketing, Sport Management majors

Lacey Township, New Jersey

Photo of Mackenzie Conroy

Mackenzie Conroy

Finance, Marketing majors

Mendham, New Jersey

Photo of Matthew McCarthy

Matthew McCarthy

Accounting major

Middletown, New Jersey

Portrait of Kevin Metz

Kevin Metz

Finance major

Clark, New Jersey

Portrait of Connor Michael

Connor Michael

Finance, Marketing majors

Clear Springs, Maryland

Photo of Christian Kopecki

Christian Kopecki

Accounting major

Weston, Florida