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Stillman School of Business

Leadership Development Advisory Council

The Leadership Development Advisory Council, composed of a highly talented and diverse group of experienced corporate executives, entrepreneurs and community leaders from the surrounding New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, serves as the Leadership Development Honors Program's advisory body and oversees the Program's direction, strategy, execution and results.
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The functions of council members are to:

  • Advise and counsel the director of the Center for Leadership Development on curriculum design and learning approaches that will best prepare students to become highly successful leaders in their professional and personal careers
  • Oversee and evaluate the program's strategy and goals. Review progress during execution and participate in evaluating achievements/results
  • Review and approve major program decisions, commitments and plans
  • Inform and engage business peers and industry colleagues as champions of Stillman's unique offerings and successes in developing exceptional leaders. Identify and/or create opportunities to introduce Stillman learnings to business leaders and the broader business community
  • Provide students with informal networking opportunities, internships and employment in their chosen fields
  • Serve as a mentor for the Junior Year Mentoring Program
  • Co-partner and pilot experiential learning sessions involving corporate executives and Stillman students—e.g., opportunities to explore or share best practices, innovative approaches, learnings, achievements, emerging trends or issues
  • Engage students in interactive discussions with top performers and leaders representing a variety of business and career opportunities
  • Ensure the continuity of the Council through development and recruitment of executive board members.
    Note:  Membership in the Council will be on a four-year rotational basis.
  • Manage affairs of the board including board development, transition and effectiveness

The Council will meet three times during the school year: early October, early February and early April.