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Stillman School of Business
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About the Center

Our Mission Statement:

Develop extraordinary leaders who will be recognized for the values and principles by which they live, their vision and purpose in life, the outstanding results that they achieve, their service to the community in which they live and their love, dedication and caring for those they serve.

The Program:

Members of the Leadership Development Honors Program are prepared to be future global leaders. This is accomplished by an intensive program that exposes students to a unique framework of diverse experiential and scholastic learning that allows them to stretch themselves to achieve their fullest potential in their professional and personal life.

Executive mentoring and coaching, strong academic and experiential development, the Leadership Code of Conduct defining the principles and values by which all members live and focus on servant leadership provide an environment and culture of performance excellence.

The four-year program results in a differentiator in these future leaders as they graduate: strong self-confidence in their abilities and talents; their global perspective and understanding of ideas and trends; their critical thinking and ability to address complex issues; their ability to see issues and problems through different lenses to understand their possibilities; their enthusiastic results focus; and their ability to lead and work effectively with people within their own work group and across organizational boundaries.

Gerald P. Buccino - The Benefactor

Gerald P. Buccino '63, Seton Hall Regent Emeritus and a nationally recognized pioneer of "turnaround management," has made a $1 million gift commitment to the newly named Gerald P. Buccino '63 Center for Leadership Development.

The gift distinguishes the Center from other business school honors programs by providing extensive one-on-one networking opportunities with key business executives. It also provides hands-on professional development for the leadership students to complement their academic learning from the freshman through senior years. The gift will also provide the opportunity for students to have valuable interactions with national and international business leaders, study abroad experiences that expose them to international businesses, leadership collaborations with other universities as well as critical skills development seminars.

"Jerry has always been a true compass, mentor and coach for our leadership students. This aspirational gift provides the opportunity to further leverage the Center's outreach, performance, and development of extraordinary leaders. These global leaders will in turn impact those they serve for generations to come."
Michael Reuter - Director of The Gerald P. Buccino '63 Center for Leadership Development

"Jerry's long-standing relationship with Seton Hall and the Stillman School of Business has served as an inspiration. From the establishment of the Buccino Scholars program in 1996 to this latest gift, his contributions to the Center have served as a model for the active engagement of top executives and helped to increase our School's reputation and reach to national prominence—making this so much more than simply an academic honors program."
Joyce Strawser -Dean of the Stillman School of Business